Today, I Give Up Trying

Chapter : 147

Lin Fan is gone!
He and Bai Shan declined Xu Tianlong and the others to send them off, and went straight away.
But on the side of the road, a strange scene was being staged.
A middle-aged man in a suit and leather shoes knelt on the ground, constantly stuffing banknotes in his mouth.
Every time a piece was inserted, he would say:
“I have no eyes, but my dog’s eyes are low!”
One after another!
Sentence after sentence!
Many migrant workers and passers-by were all stunned.
Many more people recognized at a glance that this fat man who knelt on the ground and stuffed banknotes in his mouth was a great figure in Jiangshi–Yang Jinshui, chairman of Shanda Group.
Those passers-by who recognized Yang Jinshui couldn’t believe their eyes.
After all, as far as they know!
Yang Jinshui is extremely arrogant and domineering, especially for protecting shortcomings and good face!
Who would have thought that he would have done such an amazing thing that shocked people’s attention.
Everyone is even more speculating about what kind of person it is that can force Yang Jinshui to make such a shame in public.
“Mr. Yang, it’s almost done, right? Mr. Bai and Xu Tianlong are all gone, why do you continue to eat money?”
The coquettish woman persuaded Yang Jinshui with her face like earth.
There are so many people around, and Mr. Yang is a high-ranking boss with an identity. If he spreads it out, he will not be laughed at.
It’s just that Yang Jinshui’s eyes widened when he heard this, and he scolded:
“You know what a shit! Before, I threatened that person and let him eat all the money!”
“Now, if I didn’t eat it all If there is only one left, Xu Tianlong and the others will know immediately!”
That’s it!
A deep look of fear appeared on Yang Jinshui’s face:
“At that time, my Shanda Group will be over in minutes, I am afraid that even my life will not be guaranteed for Yang Jinshui!”
This sentence completely stunned the coquettish woman.
She did not expect that offending that person would have such terrible consequences.
“President Yang, you said that the person Xu Tianlong and the others bowed to salute was the President Bai? Or the young man behind him?” The coquettish woman was extremely puzzled until now.
After all, looking at Baishan’s appearance, I didn’t know Xu Tianlong and others.
Otherwise, Baishan didn’t need to hear the name’BOSS’, so he was panicked.
There is no need to be so polite to your subordinates.
But if it were that young man, it would be too unbelievable!
after all!
Lin Fan seems to be in his early twenties, how could he be the boss behind the giant Tianlong Group!
Not only her!
At this moment, Yang Jinshui frowned:
“No! The real BOSS of the Tianlong Group is definitely not the elderly President Bai!”
“In my opinion, it is 100% that young man!”
The coquettish woman was taken aback.
The boss behind Tianlong Group is so young?
This… This is too shocking.
“You don’t understand!” At this moment, Yang Jinshui tried hard to recall the scene of facing Lin Fan before, with fear and amazement on his face:
“That person, kicking me to the ground, is more terrifying than when I swallowed the money, he is like a devil, so I can’t struggle at all!”
“Moreover, even if he knows my identity, But there is no fear!”
“The way he looks at me still looks like an ant crawler!”
“It must be him!”
At the beginning!
Yang Jinshui was dazzled by the anger and didn’t pay too much attention, but now in retrospect, that young man’s calmness and calmness, skill and aura, like an emperor in the dark, domineering and brutal, let Yang Jinshui for a while. The scalp is numb.

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