Today, I Give Up Trying

Chapter: 1512

Xu Longxiang’s words shocked everyone present!
Is Lin Zuo right in front of you?
What does this mean?
In an instant, everyone couldn’t react, mainly because they didn’t think about Lin Fan at all.
Because they didn’t even dream that a trash son-in-law would be a dignified man.
But at this time, Lin Chentao reacted instantly, and immediately panicked completely:
“Xu Longxiang, you…what do you mean?”
At this time, he even felt uncomfortable breathing!
And Xu Longxiang laughed grinningly, and a frightening voice appeared in his mouth:
“Lin Chentao, haven’t you guessed it? At this time, why bother to deceive yourself?”
As soon as he said this, Lin Chentao trembled suddenly and his face was completely gray.
“Impossible, this is impossible!”
Lin Chentao only felt that every cell in his body was trembling about it. He couldn’t believe it and couldn’t accept it.
But the anxiety in his heart, like a plague, continued to spread throughout his body.
It made his scalp numb!
At this time, Lin Chentao was already in confusion, and he couldn’t even stand still.
Lin Fan, it turned out to be…
how can that be!
Lin Chentao’s eyes were round, and he understood everything at this time.
No wonder Lin Fan dared to insult him!
No wonder Longya is so confident!
No wonder Lin Zuo will personally give gifts at the release meeting!
It turns out that all this is because of Lin Fan!
And seeing Lin Chentao’s gaffe, Zhu Ru’s family was completely stunned, and was very puzzled. Since Lin Zuo is here, why is Lin Chentao so scared?
At this moment, Lin Chentao seemed to be crazy, yelling at Lin Fan:
“It’s impossible! How could a trash like you be Lin Zuo!”
Lin Zuo!
The god of the army!
The idol in the minds of all soldiers, even he admired Lin Zuo and regarded it as his life goal.
But now, Xu Longxiang told him that the existence he admired and admired turned out to be the Lin Fan whom she had previously disdained?
How can he accept this?
Upon hearing this, Zhu Ru’s family was completely blown up, and it was as if they were being hit hard, one by one kneeling on the ground.
Even more!
Zhu Zhide was scared to urinate, and there was fluid flowing out of his crotch.
Lin Fan, is it Lin Zuo?
They must be dreaming!
The four of them cried directly and became tearful, and they were already shocked.
At this moment, they all felt that their inner world had completely collapsed.
Lin Fan, the trash son-in-law of the family, why suddenly became a high seat of the forest?
If they exist, killing them is as simple as trampling on an ant. What do they use to fight Lin Fan?
Thinking of the humiliation to Lin Fan before, all of them felt that they were going crazy.
And hearing Lin Chentao’s words, Xu Longxiang smiled even more ironically:
“Lin Chentao, don’t you wonder why Lin Zuo refused your Lin family’s cooperation one after another?”
“And why, my dragon teeth dare to kill you, the young Lin family?”
Lin Chentao’s body was tight, and the arrogance and domineering just now disappeared in an instant.
At this time, Lin Fan had already walked up to him, repeating the words just now in a calm tone:
“Lin Chentao, are you afraid of death?”
Lin Chentao’s face suddenly sank, and then suddenly furious, he took out a pistol and pointed it at Lin Fan’s door.
“go to hell!”
He gritted his teeth, resentful!
He must not die here, let alone die in the hands of this waste.
The gunfire!
However, Lin Fan’s head was slightly tilted, and he had captured this shot.
Then, before Lin Chentao fired a second shot, he shot hard, grabbing Lin Chentao’s shooting hand with both hands, suddenly collapsed!
Broken bones!

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