Today, I Give Up Trying

Chapter : 159

“Ahhhhh…Don’t fight!” At this moment, amidst everyone’s stunned voice, a series of screams resounded continuously.
Yang Minghao was completely confused.
The baseball bats fell on him, and he only felt that the bones all over his body were about to be broken.
Scarlet blood flowed down his body continuously.
Very miserable.
In the blink of an eye, the flesh and blood he beat has been blurred.
This scene fell in the eyes of everyone around and shocked them to the extreme.
Because everyone discovered that this is really killing.
“Oh my God… what’s going on? What did that Lin Fan do? How could Yang Jinshui beat his precious son for his door-to-door son-in-law!”
“Yes, and Yang Jinshui actually bowed to Lin Fan? This is incredible?”
All the backbone and members of the Bai Group around them were shocked to the extreme.
They couldn’t even dream that Lin Fan, who thought he would be finished, turned the whole world around and became the dazzling focus of everyone’s attention. This was incredible.
But Bai Yi, looking at Lin Fan at this moment, was full of complexity.
She thought of Lin Fan’s words!
The person who can hurt him is not born yet?
Is this true?
However, immediately after Bai Yi shook her head, she admitted that her husband was different, but it was only different.
Lin Fan is still Lin Fan, he is not a big figure, let alone a terrifying background.
The reason why Yang Jinshui was polite to him was probably because he did not want to destroy the cooperative relationship with the Bai Group, nothing more.
Thought of this!
Bai Yi actually let out a sigh of relief.
But at this moment, with the sound of footsteps, the sound of sticks, this stopped abruptly.
All the thugs stood up and bowed to the young man who came to the front.
The young man is Lin Fan.
Yang Minghao raised his head with blood all over, he saw Lin Fan’s smiley face:
“Lin…Lin Fan, why, why?”
Yang Minghao is still dreaming until now.
He couldn’t believe that Lao Tzu, who loves him the most in his daily life, had beaten himself up to death for the sake of a trash, which made it hard for him to accept and unacceptable.
Lin Fan smiled slightly, but he did not answer.
Instead, Yang Jinshui walked up to the front with a painful face, and whispered to Yang Minghao’s ear:
“Xiaohao, because you have offended someone who can’t offend! Mr. Lin is behind the Tianlong Group…BOSS! Are you offended? It’s the same as me… can’t afford to offend!”
When this word fell in Yang Minghao’s ears, his eyes instantly turned round, and there was a thick horror and disbelief flashing in it.
How, how is it possible!
“BOSS? You, you are the BOSS? Impossible, this, absolutely impossible!”
Yang Minghao yelled like crazy, as if he was being stimulated.
Just seeing this scene, Lin Fan smiled more terribly:
“I never provoke others, but it does not mean that others can provoke me!”
Hear these words of Lin Fan.
Whether it is Yang Jinshui or Yang Minghao, they only feel a bitter cold from the bones, just like the young man standing in front of them, not a human at all, more like a terrifying beast, and it seems to choose someone to eat at any time. .
“Lin…Lin Fan! You, what else do you want to do? Am I not miserable enough now?”
Yang Minghao was completely panicked at this moment.
When he knew that Lin Fan was the Tianlong boss, he knew that he had completely kicked the iron plate.
This is the existence of terror that he and Shanda Group will never be able to provoke.
“Is it miserable?”
Lin Fan said, his smile became more and more terrifying:
“If I don’t show up in time, my wife will be called miserable!”
“So, in order to redeem the crime, I can only make you…

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