Today, I Give Up Trying

Chapter : 17

Resurrection Pill!
At this moment, Old Lady Bai could hardly believe her ears.
Just now, he was still feeling that the Bai family couldn’t get the pill for the resurrection pill, and now…
Mrs. Bai just felt his heart twitch.
Not only him!
The old man behind, even more staring, his eyes fixed on the toilet paper, as if he had seen a ghost.
At this moment, everyone in the main hall also found something wrong.
The noisy laughter gradually calmed down.
Everyone looked at the old lady and the old man, confused, and didn’t understand what happened.
“Bai…Bai Yan! Show me the toilet paper in your hand!”
In the silence, the old man said to Bai Yan with a trembling voice.
Hearing this, everyone’s eyes swept across the toilet paper in Bai Yan’s hand.
Even Baishan and Baiyi were completely confused.
They couldn’t imagine what Lin Fan had written in the toilet.
“Uh…good!” Bai Yan reacted from shock.
At the moment, he passed the toilet paper over.
Just don’t know why!
At this moment, there was a faint feeling in her heart that she had caused a catastrophe, and a bad premonition emerged.
At this moment, after Elder Gao took the toilet paper, his eyes fell on the words on the paper.
“Bai Suzi, Solanum, Gallus gallus domesticus…”
Gao Lao muttered one medicinal material after another.
Every time he read one, he felt his heart stagnate.
All right!
The ingredients of the Pill of Resurrection that he has analyzed over the years are almost entirely contained on this one.
It’s more than that!
The original Gao Lao’s doubts about other ingredients suddenly became clear after seeing the strange medicinal materials on this piece of paper.
“Oh my God! The kind is really white mustard seeds, and there is this kind, it is bitter stone lotus!”
“There are also Cuiyun grass, Rauvolu wood…”
“Refining techniques, white mustard seeds, Wenjing, Ma Sanggen… …Wait for the match! Warm fire for 30 minutes, then add red stone fat and green sun ginseng, and then refine for 20 minutes…”
At this moment, the atmosphere in the whole hall is extremely strange.
Everyone stared at the old man.
In their eyes, the old man seemed to have fallen into a demon. Facing the toilet paper, he chanted the name of the medicinal material for a while, talked about the refining method, frowned, and smiled!
This scene is like crazy.
As for Mrs. Bai, his expression flushed with excitement when he saw Gao’s expression.
No need to guess, he could see that his old friend was obviously completely immersed in the prescription.
In other words, this prescription is very likely…really!
One minute!
five minutes!
ten minutes!
When twenty minutes have passed!
He only heard a long breathing sound, and then Gao Older seemed to wake up completely from the prescription.
He wiped the sweat from his forehead, and then carefully held the toilet paper, as if holding some treasure, and said ecstatically to Grandpa Bai:
“Old… old lady! As you wish, this is really a remedy pill!”
Hearing this, Old Lady Bai could no longer contain the excitement in her heart, and she got up from the seat.
“Really…really? Are you sure?”
Grandpa Bai felt that this was definitely the most exciting moment in his life.
Even when he founded the Baishi Group that year, he was not so nervous!
“OK!” Old Gao said with a serious face.
However, immediately afterwards, his brows wrinkled slightly:
“This one hundred percent is the real prescription for the resurrection pill! The only flaw is that the method of refining the resurrection pill is only half written! Like the person who wrote the prescription, he stopped on purpose. The same below!”
Upon hearing this, a white old man pupil contraction, the moment could not help turn head, looking to the White Mountains, nervous and asked:
“? Youngest, this …… This recipe is really in the toilet Lin Fan wrote”
Speaking two toilets Words, whether it is the old lady or the senior, all the corners of his mouth twitch, and his face is strange.
Baishan was dumbfounded.
He nodded blankly.
“Too…great! My Bai Group is promising! The sky has eyes!!!”
After receiving a reply, the old lady almost jumped up excitedly.
And his words shocked everyone even more.
The surrounding uncles Baihai and his sons, and second masters Baichuan and his daughters were all stunned.
Resurrection Pill?
Isn’t this a trash thing that Lin Fan made a mystery?
How come the old lady is like getting a treasure.
“Father, what exactly is this Pill of Resurrection? Are you so excited?” Erye Shirakawa asked curiously and dissatisfied at the moment.
It’s just that his words just uttered!
A slap in the face slapped him hard on the face.
The second master Shirakawa slapped him with a slap, and fell to the ground with a thump.
“A bastard thing with no eyes! What do you know!” The old lady screamed at Shirakawa with a sullen face:
“This resurrection pill is the only medicine in the world to cure AS pneumonia! With it, our Bai Group will be the first. One, the pharmaceutical company that developed the Pill of Resurrection! The government will thank us, the people will appreciate us, and the market will belong to us! ”
The old lady’s words fell, and everyone in the main hall couldn’t believe their ears.
Can this resurrection pill cure AS pneumonia?
In an instant, the entire main hall was completely exploded.
You know, whether it is Baihai or Baichuan, so many experts and masters of Chinese and Western medicine have only developed a formula that can inhibit a period of time!
But now, Lin Fan actually wrote a cure?
how can that be!
It’s not just that everyone can’t believe it.
Baishan and Baiyi at this moment are even more incredible.
Bai Shan swallowed fiercely, and looked at his daughter with a dull face:
“Bai… Bai Yi! Lin Fan can heal?”
Bai Yi’s mouth twitched fiercely, especially meowing, how do I know if that bastard can heal!
Bai Yi wants to die!
At this moment, she felt that she couldn’t see through Lin Fan, how could that guy become like a monster overnight.
However, there is more to it!
The old man took a few deep breaths at this moment, suppressed all the excitement and ecstasy in his heart, and then satisfactorily faced the Baishan father and daughter and nodded:
“Well, everyone! I announce that the resurrection pill is listed as the Bai family. The group’s first priority!”
“From today, this matter will be handed over to Baishan! The Chinese medicine under Baihai and the western medicine under Baichuan are all assigned to Baishan for unified management!”
“Anyone who does not obey orders will be expelled from the Baishan group. , Never tolerate! ”
The order announced by Mrs. Bai instantly changed the Bai Group.
Baihai father and son, Shirakawa father and daughter, as if they were drained of all their strength, fell into the chairs one by one.
They couldn’t imagine that the Baishan father and daughter, who had been in sight of victory and were about to be expelled from the group, had comeback!
And their dependence!
It turned out to be the trash son-in-law who was despised and despised by everyone-Lin Fan!

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