Today, I Give Up Trying

Chapter: 1795

When Lin Fan saw Xu Yourong in such anguish, he looked at Wang Yanli angrily.
“Do you want to wait until I do something before you leave?!”
Although Wang Yanli still despised Lin Fan from the bottom of her heart, she saw her daughter crying bitterly and feared that Lin Fan would lose her mind, so she stood up angrily and walked out.
She said as she walked: “Okay, OK, then I will go home first, you will go home almost, hospitalization is very expensive, don’t waste that money.”
After really persuading her, Lin Fan couldn’t laugh or cry secretly, she spent money lavishly, without blinking.
Now that her daughter was almost hurt because of her, she was embarrassed to feel sorry for the money.
Wang Yanli left the ice, but when she walked to the elevator, she saw Wang Youcai and Wang Zhijun walking out.
“Yuanli, why are you here? Aren’t you looking at Yourong?”
Wang Youcai asked suspiciously.
Upon hearing this, Wang Yanli suddenly became angry and cursed annoyedly: “It’s all to blame for the dead waste who eats soft rice. They dare to blow my beard and stare at my old lady, and dare to drive me away! If it weren’t for the sadness, I must Slap him a few times.”
Wang Youcai was immediately angry, and took Wang Yanli’s hand and said angrily:
“Go, let’s go find him! A little son-in-law, dare to challenge us? I think he is tired and crooked!”
But when she heard this, Wang Yanli looked back nervously, and then whispered to persuade.
“Big brother, keep your voice down. If you want to be heard by that kid, it’s troublesome!”
Wang Youcai was stunned immediately, as if she couldn’t understand why Wang Yanli was so scared.
What’s so scary about a door-to-door son-in-law?
Only Wang Zhijun trembling on the side, it seems that Wang Yanli has also experienced the horror of that guy.
“What about hearing it?” Wang Youcai pouted and said nonchalantly.
“Isn’t it just a waste? What’s so great?”
“But last night, he killed Li Yinsheng.” Wang Yanli whispered in Wang Youcai’s ear.
Li Yinsheng?
Naturally, Wang Youcai had also heard of Wang Yanli, she was a tall, rich and handsome man, and she couldn’t be overstated as a dragon and a phoenix among people.
Learn rich five cars!
Only high!
Can Lin Fan kill such a person?
Wang Youcai immediately denied it and said:
“It must be just a coincidence. If that guy really has that kind of ability, how can we not dare to talk back if he is blackmailed by us?”
Waste is waste!
It’s always just a waste of soft rice!
Wang Yanli tilted her head to think about it, too. Yesterday Li Yin was alive and dead, but she didn’t even see Lin Fan killing someone with her own eyes.
Maybe someone else did it!
She asked: “Big Brother, according to you, Lin Fan’s waste is not worth fearing at all?”
Wang Youcai smiled contemptuously:
“He’s a fart! If I like it and beat him in minutes, is it possible that he would dare to fight back?”
“Don’t forget that the old Baishan still owes great kindness to our family. If it weren’t for us, they would have starved to death!”
Wang Yanli laughed and said:
“Yes, and Lin Fan’s trash is still eating the soft rice of the Bai family. To clean up him, he has to be obediently next to him.”
In Wang Yanli’s opinion, Lin Fan’s damn trash was playing tricks, using her daughter Xu Yourong’s fragile time to show her power.
The trash relied on the fox’s fake tiger’s might and ruined their good business, and in the end he even dared to pretend to be in front of them.
“Go, go and pack him now!”
Wang Yanli cursed.
Wang Zhijun was shocked immediately, and quickly stopped Wang Yanli:
“I think we should wait for Xu Yourong to get better. After all, she is so uncomfortable now. If we still stimulate her at this time, it will be counterproductive!”
Just kidding, he doesn’t want to die!
That monster can really kill people!

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