Today, I Give Up Trying

Chapter: 1861

This guy, he really intends to kill them!
“You…what do you want to do?”
Wang Zhijun trembled, staring at Lin Fan in extreme horror, looking horrified.
But Lin Fan didn’t care at all, still seemed to be a troublesome person, and sneered:
“I said, I invite you to eat!”
Something to eat?
The three of them looked at Lin Fan in a daze.
And Wang Yanli also asked in fear:
“What to eat?”
At this moment, the atmosphere is completely silent!
Then, Lin Fan suddenly yelled savagely:
“Eat lotus seed soup!”
Lin Fan did not know when he had a pistol in his hand, and directly aimed at Wang Zhijun and pulled the trigger!
After Wang Zhijun screamed, he fell to the ground, and blood was flowing on his body!
His right leg was directly pierced!
Blood is flowing!
The person watching has a tingling scalp!
At this time, Wang Yanli and Wang Youcai were already paralyzed by fright, and their bodies were shaking crazily!
This guy is serious!
He really planned to kill all of them.
At this time, they all realized that they were finished, this kid was crazy, he was going to kill people!
It’s all because they are too greedy, so they angered this guy!
When Wang Zhijun’s blood flowed all over the ground, Wang Yanli and Wang Yanli realized that they were already dead.
Ouch! ! !
And Wang Zhijun let out a scream like killing a pig.
Extraordinary horror!
However, Lin Fan turned a blind eye!
The door opened, and a group of soldiers walked in, all with real guns and live ammunition, instantly surrounding the entire box.
Wang Yanli and others are all dumbfounded!
How come there are so many army armors here?
When they came just now, they obviously had nothing!
But at this time, they had no time to take care of others, and hurriedly asked for help from the armor.
“The army master quickly save us, this guy wounded someone with a gun, this is a big crime, you guys get him up quickly!”
“Yes, yes, he hurt my son, you guys get him up quickly! Don’t let him run away!”
Those soldiers didn’t even look at them, and walked directly towards Lin Fan.
Then he bowed to Lin Fan:
“In the name of the forest seat, we have surrounded the hotel all around!”
When Wang Yanli and others heard this, their brains roared instantly, as if there was a thunder in the sky.
What did they hear?
Lin Zuo?
Lin Fan, is it Lin Zuo?
One of China’s four major military seats?
What a joke!
One is the most important weapon of the country, and the other is the son-in-law, as cheap as an ant!
How can these two people confuse?
At this moment, these three people couldn’t believe their ears.
It’s just because everything in front of me is too terrifying.
Make them wonder if they are dreaming!
Their worldview completely collapsed, and they never dreamed that Lin Fan would have such a terrifying identity background!
Lin Zuo?
That’s a big man in charge of one party’s military power!
Xu Yourong’s previous warning could not help appearing in their three minds, but none of them had taken it seriously before.
But now, they regret it!
No one thought that retribution would come so soon!
Soon they have no mental preparation at all!
And they dare to blackmail the dignified forest seat?
Is this crazy?
Is this crazy?
Before, it was Lin Fan who was really merciful and didn’t want to care about them!
Wang Zhijun, Wang Yanli and others were shaking uncontrollably at this time.
Especially Wang Zhijun!
Urinary incontinence is already at this time!
Because he knew that he was dead!
“Lin Zuo, do you want to shoot them directly?”
A man who seemed to be dressed up as a general said blankly.

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