Today, I Give Up Trying

Chapter : 187

Time passed day by day.
The Baishi Group is completely on the right track, and batches of resurrection pills are constantly being developed.
Bai Yi is even more busy, only Lin Fan, but still doing laundry and cooking every day, living leisurely.
On this day, Lin Fan drove Shen Yumei out early in the morning.
“Mom, have you been poor blood, caused palpitations, flustered! This case, only need to take a few glasses a day, give me your jasmine tea, chrysanthemum bubble, we can all right! In fact, do not go to the hospital!”
Lin Fan is helpless.
Recently, Shen Yumei’s body was weak and heart palpitations were flustered due to poor blood flow.
And this kind of small problem can be cured by only taking the tea he made, within three days.
But in Shen Yumei’s eyes, she didn’t believe in herself at all. She only thought that there was a major problem with her body, so she asked Lin Fan to take her to the hospital for an examination early in the morning.
“You stinky boy, and you don’t know how to treat illnesses, how do you know that I am suffering from qi and blood!” Shen Yumei looked at this son-in-law, and became more and more angry.
Isn’t it just for him to take him to check it?
It’s good for this stinky boy to pretend to be a genius doctor with himself.
“Okay, okay! Let’s go and check it!”
Lin Fan was depressed, so he could only bite the bullet and head straight to the hospital with Shen Yumei.
Just after leaving, Shen Yumei said:
“This time, we won’t go to the First People’s Hospital! I heard that our Jiang City has opened a new hospital called Yifan Chinese and Western Hospital!”
“The doctors in this hospital, everyone It is top-notch! There are already many people who have been cured in it!”
Yifan Chinese and Western Hospital!
Hearing this name, Lin Fan’s mouth twitched slightly.
If he remembers correctly, a few days ago, Western medicine Mike and Chinese medicine doctor Gao Zhiyuan jointly found themselves and asked him to sign a contract.
And that contract is the right to use contract for Yifan Chinese and Western Hospital.
In other words!
That is his hospital.
“Okay! It just so happens that my master should also inspect his own hospital!”
Lin Fan said with a grin.
Only when he heard this, Shen Yumei was exasperated:
“You stinky boy, you are getting less and less formal now! What is your hospital, as if you are the owner of this hospital!”
Shen Yumei Smiled and cursed.
However, her attitude towards Lin Fan now became more amiable.
In her eyes, although her son-in-law has no great abilities, she is definitely a good and filial child.
When Lin Fan saw that Shen Yumei didn’t believe it, he just smiled without explaining.
Yifan Chinese and Western Hospital is located in the city center of Jiangshi.
Here, it used to be an old hospital, but due to the passing of top medical staff, the hospital fell into disrepair. It was finally bought by Western medicine madman Mike, renovated, and formed a medical team.
After the hospital was officially opened, it caused a sensation in Jiang City in a short period of time.
A patient who has been treated for a long time is cured here, making Yifan Chinese and Western Hospital famous.
Lin Fan and Shen Yumei just stopped the car, they saw rows of patients and their families lined up at the entrance of the hospital.
“There are so many people here! It seems that the doctors here are really capable!”
Shen Yumei repeatedly admired.
Lin Fan was not surprised.
After all, the dean of this hospital is a Western medicine madman Mike, and the deputy dean is the first Chinese medicine doctor Gao Zhiyuan!
With these two big names in the medical profession sitting in town, Yifan Chinese and Western Hospital, it’s hard to think about it or not.
“Mom, you are here to wait for me, I’ll go in and let the hospital leader pick you up!”
Lin Fan said to Shen Yumei.
Just hearing this, Shen Yumei laughed and scolded:
“You stinky boy, what’s the matter today? Do you really regard yourself as the owner of this hospital?”
“Okay! Are you going to get the number? We? Just line up slowly!”
Hear this!
Lin Fan twitched the corners of his mouth, but didn’t say anything, he could only go to register obediently, and wait in line.
It’s just that Lin Fan just finished registering.
A voice full of sarcasm and contempt came over:
“Hey! Isn’t this the son-in-law of the Bai family? Why? I’m still running errands? Humph! Bai Yi is now famous, but unfortunately, she is famous again, she Husband, it’s just a waste!”

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