Today, I Give Up Trying

Chapter: 236

“Who would dare to run wild on my black bear site!!!”
When the black bear had just entered the restaurant, the roar resembling thunder blasted through, making everyone’s ears hum.
See this scene.
Zheng Xiong was overjoyed and hurriedly ran forward and said:
“Brother Xiong, you are here!”
After that, Zheng Xiong pointed to Lin Fan and said sullenly:
“This kid! Let him take out five million. , Otherwise, break his legs! ”
Hearing this, the black bear and the others looked towards Lin Fan. When they saw that Lin Fan was so thin and looked like a college student, the group of big men suddenly laughed.
“Just such a small dried vegetable? Isn’t it enough for Master Xiong to stuff my teeth?” In the black bear’s eyes, there was a fierce luster splashing out, and he started to walk towards Lin Fan.
Just at this moment, a hand suddenly grabbed him.
“Brother Xiong, wait a minute!”
a strong, flat-headed man next to him said aloud.
The black bear was startled, turned his head and asked in confusion,
“Eagle, what are you doing?”
Hearing this, the strong and strong man named Eagle had a pair of eyes looking straight at Lin Fan, his eyes twinkling. Suspicious color:
“Brother Xiong, I feel familiar with this person. It seems that I have seen him in the meeting hall some time ago!” “But, I just saw it from a distance, as if Tiger Lord is bowing to him?”
As soon as this remark came out, the black bear and others were taken aback.
After reacting, everyone burst into laughter:
“Hahaha… Eagle, are you stupid? What kind of character is my elder brother? Even people like Xu Tianlong will not give them face in the whole Jiangshi!”
“This kid, what is it!”
Hei Xiong With a face full of disbelief, in his eyes, his elder brother is definitely Jiang Shi’s handle.
Bow to people?
Especially bowing to such a thin young man?
What a joke.
Not only him!
Zheng Xiong next to him was also sneered, pointing to Lin Fan contemptuously and said to the black bear and the others:
“Brother Xiong, this kid is a son-in-law, who eats soft food! How could he know people like Lord Tiger!”
Eat soft rice?
This sentence made the black bear’s face more brutal:
“Huh! I hate the little white face!”
“Brothers, do it for me!”
With the black bear!
The dozen or so big men with machetes behind them all howled and raised the machetes in their hands and rushed towards Lin Fan frantically.
The dense clusters of machetes, like snowflakes, smashed their heads and covered their faces at Lin Fan and swung them down frantically.
This scene scared many customers around and turned pale.
That’s it!
They couldn’t imagine that such a super genius with piano talent would be cut into blood in a blink of an eye.
There are even some who are timid and can’t bear to look at them at this moment.
But at this time!
Lin Fan’s eyes flashed with a cold light:
“That’s it?”
When the voice fell, his palm was facing the dining table, and he snapped!
Suddenly, the dining table shook, and a knife on it flew up instantly.
But Lin Fan’s palm came out instantly, and he grabbed the knife in his hand suddenly, and then, like lightning, slashed at the attacking figures!
Lin Fan’s technique is almost at its extreme.
When his palm stopped, an unbelievable scene appeared for everyone.

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