Today, I Give Up Trying

Chapter: 241

When the phone hangs up!
Zheng Xiong’s face was full of pleasure and excitement, and his eyes stared directly at Lin Fan, as if looking at a dead person:
“Hey…Lin Fan, go crazy! For a while, Lord Tiger Then I will bring people, and I will see how you die!”
Zheng Xiong knew the ferocity of the tiger master.
The opposing party can sweep through any terrorist existence of underground forces in Jiang City with one sword per person.
And how can Lin Fan fight?
How could he be the opponent of Lord Tiger, the Jiangshi God of War.
Not only Zheng Xiong, but the face of the black bear on the side was also full of cruelty:
“Boy, when my brother comes, I will definitely pick out your hand muscles and let you taste the pain my brothers have suffered! “The words are cruel and cruel!
And hearing this, the surrounding customers looked pale and horrified.
They know, it’s over!
Lin Fan was too arrogant, and this time meeting Tiger Lord, he was afraid that he would end up miserably.
It’s just that Lin Fan didn’t care about everything around him, especially after listening to the voice of the tiger master, his face was full of weirdness:
“Are you sure?”
This sentence made the two of them stunned for a moment, and then they looked at Lin Fan more and more as if they were looking at an idiot.
“That’s right! Your hands and hands, Lord Xiong, I booked!” The black bear was full of ferocious and tyrannical faces.
And hear this!
Zheng Xiong on the side also laughed cruelly:
“Since Mr. Xiong has booked your hamstrings, I have booked your hamstrings by Zheng Xiong!”
Hearing this, the look of horror on the faces of the surrounding customers became more intense.
These two people are really planning to abolish Lin Fan.
However, what made all the customers around was strange that they couldn’t see the slightest look of fear from Lin Fan’s face, and instead nodded, as if seriously… agreed.
“Okay! I will satisfy you then!”
Lin Fan’s words stunned everyone, and everyone looked at him as if they were looking at a lunatic.

At the same time!
On the Mercedes Benz at the entrance of the western restaurant, the Bai Yi family waited anxiously and worriedly.
“Bai Yi, do you think there will be something wrong with Lin Fan? Or, shall we call the police?” Shen Yumei was anxious at this moment, for fear that her son-in-law might encounter an accident.
And the Baishan on the side was full of worry and gloom:
“Yes, although Lin Fan is very good at fighting, but this time he is facing a black bear!”
“This man is violent and has harsh methods. I’m really afraid of Lin Fan. What’s the surprise!”
This old couple completely regarded Lin Fan as their relatives.
Even if they had seen Lin Fan, one out of twenty, they still inevitably worry and panic.
Heard this!
Bai Yi’s pretty face became paler.
Why didn’t she worry about Lin Fan, her palms and back were all wet with cold sweat.
But she can’t be too obvious, otherwise it will only make her parents more uneasy and anxious:
“Dad, Mom! We have to trust Lin Fan, he said it’s okay, then it must be… okay!”
Although Bai Yi said this.
But her beautiful eyes were wet and red, showing how uneasy she was.
In her heart, she shouted again and again:
‘Lin Fan, you can’t have an accident! You are my Bai Yi’s man, I will not allow you to have an accident! ‘
Bai Yi wanted to pray to heaven for Lin Fan at this moment.
But at this moment!
The buzzing of engines came, and under the horrified eyes of the Baiyi family, they saw black cars after another, rushing and rushing.
When this black car stopped at the door of Phil West’s restaurant, the door opened, and one after another sturdy men in black suits walked down from above.

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