Today, I Give Up Trying

Chapter: 243

Do it according to BOSS?
When everyone in the restaurant heard what Tiger said, they all stayed.
Especially the black bear and others, did not understand the meaning of Tiger’s words.
Where is the boss here?
Not to mention, the’BOSS’ that Lord Tiger himself calls?
Just after the black bear and Zheng Xiong were confused, they didn’t understand who the “BOSS” was referring to?
The two of them were surprised to find out.
The sturdy big men in suits all around rushed towards the two of them, and knocked them to the ground in the blink of an eye.
This scene changed the expressions of Black Bear and Zheng Xiong, and they could hardly believe their eyes.
“Asshole, what do you do according to me? My elder brother told you to deal with that kid!” The black bear roared loudly in disbelief.
And Zheng Xiong next to him was pressed by five or six big men on the ground in the blink of an eye, almost scared to pee: “Tiger…Master Tiger! Did they make a mistake, how did they deal with me?”
Not only the two of them, but even the customers next to them, suspect that they have hallucinations.
how can that be!
Aren’t you going to cut off Lin Fan’s hand muscles and hamstrings?
What does it mean to press the black bear and Zheng Xiong on the ground?
Everyone was puzzled.
But at this moment!
Da da da!
They saw that Master Tiger didn’t seem to hear the screams of the two black bears at all. He brought a group of big men in black and walked towards Lin Fan.
Until they came to Lin Fan.
Hula la…
Led by Tiger Lord, nearly a hundred people, all swept across to Lin Fan, bowed deeply:
“See the BOSS!!!” The loud voice echoed in the whole western restaurant.
Just this sentence, for everyone, is tantamount to the explosion of sky thunder, making everyone stunned.
This scene is spectacular and shocking.
The legendary Tiger Lord, with nearly a hundred big men in black suits, bowed to one person in unison. If this scene is passed to the eyes of others in Jiang City, it will definitely happen in the whole Jiang City. shock.
But now, it was really happening in front of them.
This makes everyone seem like a dream, unbelievable.
“BOSS? He… how could he be a BOSS?” The black bear was completely dumbfounded.
A trace of panic appeared in his heart.
At this moment, he suddenly recalled that the eagle had reminded himself before that Lin Fan looked very familiar. It seemed that in the Shengshi club before, the eagle had seen his eldest brother Tiger Lord, and bowed to this man himself.
Originally, the black bear thought that the eagle must be mistaken, how could Lin Fan, who is such a thin dry vegetable, let his elder brother bow and salute.
And now…
he understands, it turns out that Lin Fan is his elder brother’s… BOSS?
More than him!
Zheng Xiong next to him almost fell off his eyes at this moment.
Looking at the dense crowds, bowing and saluting, looking at the faint smile, like Lin Fan, who is harmless to humans and animals, Zheng Xiong only felt a chill, and instantly the soles of his feet hit his forehead, causing his scalp to burst.
“No…impossible, how could he be Tiger’s boss, my God, how is this so possible!”
Zheng Xiong’s heart sank to the bottom in an instant.
Especially when he thought that he was going to sever the hamstrings of Lord Tiger BOSS, he was full of excitement, and a trace of urine flowed out of his crotch.
But… scared to pee!
“Boss, I’m sorry, it’s because of the poor management of my subordinates who ran into you. I Black Tiger apologizes to you!”
Hu Ye once again bowed to Lin Fan, then turned his head.
Looking at the black bear and Zheng Xiong’s gaze, they were icy:
“You are so courageous, you even threatened to sever the boss’s hamstrings and hamstrings!”
“In that case, now…I will perfect you!”

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