Today, I Give Up Trying

Chapter: 261

In the scattered ticket area, Shen Jie and his girlfriend Zhou Xiao obviously also saw Lin Fan.
The two were startled at first, then burst into laughter.
“Hahaha… trash is really trash! Even if you give him a super VIP position, he won’t live up to it!”
“My dear, what you said is really right. Bai Yi is really a bad husband. Bai Yi was embarrassed!” The two leaned forward and closed with a smile.
It seemed to them that Lin Fan himself was a totally funny joke.
Just when the two wanted to continue to laugh at Lin Fan.
Boom… The whole concert suddenly fell silent and the lights went out.
This scene made everyone’s hearts tremble slightly.
They know that after the darkness, the idol that everyone worships, the god, will soon appear.
At this moment in the stadium, which is full of 10,000 people, only heavy breathing remains. Everyone closed their mouths tightly, only hearing their own excited heartbeat.
Especially, with the passage of time, the palms of ten thousand fans sweat even more.
And just when everyone is nervous to the extreme.
Another beam of light that dazzled people’s eyes fell on the center of the stage.
Thousands of fans only felt a trance before them, everyone closed their eyes slightly, and slowly adjusted to the strong beam of light.
And until then!
Everyone was stunned to discover that in the center of the stage, under the beam of light, there was an extra figure in black.
He is dressed in a large windbreaker, completely enveloping his body, like a dark messenger coming out of hell.
There was a kind of coldness and awe-inspiring feeling all over the body.
Not only that!
He wears a half mask, covering half of his face, revealing mystery and weirdness.
Half face mask!
A trench coat!
This kind of dress and costume are exactly the same as the portrait of the gods painted by Zhang Yichen.
Fan God!
After seeing this figure, everyone did not feel the slightest sense of strangeness. They seemed to have known this person for a long time.
And when he appeared in front of him for the first time, tens of thousands of fans were completely mad.
Countless people, at this moment, only felt their blood, completely burning.
One by one, they waved their arms in unison, and shouted and roared again and again:
“Fan God!”
“Fan God!”
“…” The uniform voices and loud shouts did not echo throughout the stadium. Absolutely.
Just like the stage at this moment, it belongs entirely to the mysterious man in black-the god!
Everyone didn’t know that after seeing the real person of the gods, Bai Yi, Zhang Boyu’s brother and sister, as well as Shen Jie and his girlfriend Zhou Xiao, all their bodies trembled so hard that they could hardly believe their eyes.
“This…Fan God, why is it so like Lin Fan?”
Bai Yi and the others all had an illusion of trance like a dream.
Fan Shen wears a half-face mask.
But the half of the face that was exposed, and the pair of eyes, looked like Lin Fan, and even gave everyone an illusion that this person was Lin Fan.
“No… definitely not! Maybe Fanshen and Lin Fan are really alike!”
Whether it is Bai Yi, Zhang Boyu, or Shen Jie, they shook their heads.
Throw out this extremely absurd idea in my mind.
after all!
This is the super idol they have been chasing for three years, and is regarded as a mysterious existence by countless music tycoons around the world.
And what about Lin Fan?
Just a door-to-door son-in-law, a waste of soft food, nothing more!
On this day, one place, a person of two worlds, how can he be one person!

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