Today, I Give Up Trying

Chapter : 28

Bai Yi’s mood today is extremely happy.
The smile on her pretty face couldn’t be concealed at all, not only because she became the president of the Bai Group, but the most important reason was that she saw Lin Fan’s change.
When their family is in trouble, Lin Fan can come forward.
When she was humiliated, Lin Fan would protect her behind him again.
This is an unprecedented sense of security.
The two arrived before Armani’s shop.
Just at this moment, Lin Fan’s footsteps paused slightly.
Bai Yi was taken aback, and asked doubtfully:
“Lin Fan, what’s the matter?”
“You go first and help me choose it! I’ll be here later!” Lin Fan’s gaze glanced at if there was nothing. The crowd at the place, then smiled at Bai Yi.
Hearing this, Bai Yi was puzzled, but she nodded: “Okay! Then I will help you pick a few pieces, and you will come in soon!”
After speaking, Bai Yi walked in alone. Shop.
But Lin Fan found a public seat next to the shop and sat down.
He tilted Erlang’s legs slightly, with one hand on the leg with a rhythm, constantly beating.
The voice was soft, but it contained inexplicable connotations, which completely changed the aura of Lin Fan’s whole body.
He just sat quietly, but like a king, he gave people an indescribable sense of coercion.
Profound and noble!
at the same time!
In the crowd passing by, there was a sound of uproar. Everyone looked at the entrance of the mall and screamed:
“Oh my God! Look, is that the provincial No. 1 on TV?”
“And the soldier behind him, who seems to be a major general in Jiangnan Province!”
“Wow! The richest man! That turned out to be in our province !” Ma Yong, the richest man in China!”
“…” The uproar sounded constantly.
Because everyone saw that from the entrance of the mall, the owner of the mall, Wu Guangrong, led a group of people to open the way in front.
At the back of Wu Guangrong and others, there was a group of middle-aged men in suits and shoes.
Provincial Number One-Liu Zhen!
Major General of Jiangnan Military Region-Dong Jun!
The richest man in Jiangnan-Ma Yong!
Each of these is the top big boss in Jiangnan Province, and now they appear together here, causing an uproar in the surrounding people.
“Oh my God! It’s unbelievable. These three big guys actually got together, and what are they doing in our Jiangshi?” “Yes! Look at their looks, it’s not like they’re here for inspection, but like looking for someone? ”
Unbelievable! I really don’t know who can make these three come to look for!”
… the surrounding customers, seeing the three big brothers Liu Zhen constantly scanning the crowd, seemed to be looking for someone, they suddenly talked and noisy. .
“Get out! Get out!”
The front of the crowd!
Wu Guangrong was sweating profusely as he drove the road ahead, and his expression was filled with tension and anxiety.
My heart is even more shocking!
Mr. Lin!
He wanted to break his head, and couldn’t think of when Jiang Shi had such a number one person, and it was unbelievable that all three big bosses were dropped from the provincial capital.
At this moment, driven by Wu Guangrong and others, the surrounding customers dodged one after another.
Make a way out of nothing!
When they had just arrived near the Armani store, Wu Guangrong suddenly saw that there was a young man in front of him sitting lazily.
Facing the security’s expulsion, the young man remained motionless.
“Damn! Who is this person? So short-sighted! Didn’t you see that Provincial No.1 is here?”
Wu Guangrong was full of anger. He squeezed many security guards away and came to Lin Fan angrily.

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