Today, I Give Up Trying

Chapter : 35

Wu Guangrong never imagined that Huang Tao would have an enemy with Lin Fan, especially Lin Fan’s clothes.
The cold sweat rushed down Wu Guangrong’s forehead, and his complexion was as white as paper.
Right now, he wanted to ask Lin Fan for sin, but was stopped by Lin Fan’s eyes.
“Uncle Wu, what are you doing in a daze? This guy is just a little son-in-law, took off his clothes, then slapped him a hundred times and threw them out!”
Huang Tao and Xu Yanhong had vicious smiles on their faces As it gets thicker and thicker, the two can’t wait to see how Lin Fan is embarrassed.
Pick up clothes!
This will definitely make Lin Fan and Bai Yi lose face and completely become a joke for Jiang Shi.
Hearing this, he was looking at Wu Guangrong and the others with a menacing look.
Bai Yi’s face was pale.
That’s it!
She couldn’t think that Wu Guangrong and the group would be attracted to Wu Guangrong because of an old dress, especially when she heard that Wu Guangrong was cruel and could do everything.
“Lin Fan, what shall we do?” Bai Yi looked at Lin Fan nervously, worries written on her pretty face.
It just made her stunned.
Lin Fan’s complexion was still extremely plain, and his indifferent expression seemed to be watching a play.
Hearing this, Lin Fan couldn’t help but patted Bai Yi on the shoulder and smiled slightly:
“Don’t worry, it’s okay!”
Looking at Huang Tao, Lin Fan couldn’t help but a playful appearance:
“Are you sure you want to take off your clothes and slap a hundred times?”
Lin Fan’s words made Huang Tao and Xu Yanhong stunned. They didn’t expect that the catastrophe was approaching, and the little beast was so calm.
“Yes! Who made you talk nonsense! Today, I have to slap you a hundred times to let you know how great!”
Xu Yanhong’s face was filled with resentment and ferociousness.
“Okay!” Lin Fan nodded and said helplessly:
“Since you insist, then take off your clothes and slap in the face!”
Hearing that Lin Fan actually agreed, both Bai Yi and Yang Lao were all shocked.
Is Lin Fan afraid of this?
Thinking of this, Old Yang was sweating profusely, and quickly said:
“Little sir, no! Your clothes are so valuable, how can you give them away!”
Bai Yi looked at Lin Fan in disbelief, anxiously Said:
“Lin Fan! We can’t be bullied by them like this! The clothes are clearly yours, you can’t let them succeed!” The two people’s words were full of worry and anxiety.
Instead, Xu Yanhong and Huang Tao laughed from ear to ear.
They didn’t expect that this little beast with sharp teeth would be scared.
Huang Tao quickly said to Wu Guangrong:
” Uncle Wu , did you hear that? This kid is scared, so hurry up. He took off his clothes and slapped him a hundred times! Hahaha…”
Huang Tao and his wife laughed Very happy.
When he heard his words, Wu Guangrong on the side also smiled:
“Okay! Just do it!”
Wu Guangrong waved his hand, and suddenly a group of tiger and wolf security guards rushed up.
One loud slap after another, crackling, constant fanning!
The sound of tearing clothes was endlessly scorned.
It’s just that Bai Yi and Old Yang are stunned.
These security guards are actually slapped Xu Yanhong and Huang Tao, tearing their clothes!

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