Today, I Give Up Trying

Chapter: 358

And heard this.
The fat boss and all the customers are full of unbelievable colors.
Are you crazy?
If you don’t sell a billion, this woman is simply an idiot.
If it is replaced by ordinary people, let alone a mobile phone, for the sake of one hundred million, they can do it even if they kill and set fire.
But now…
“Okay! You are fine!” The expressions of Tian Hao and others became gloomy for an instant, and everyone’s eyes were filled with anger and unwillingness:
“I didn’t expect that in the small Jiangshi, There are still people who can refuse a hundred million!” As he said, a fierce splatter splashed out of Tian Hao’s eyes.
He hand over the pages, the devil machine ends up in his pocket:
“!! Unfortunately, you can refuse a million, but I can not refuse Tian Hao this phone, I want to, but you can not get a penny,”
What !
Hearing this, and seeing Tian Hao’s movement of putting her mobile phone in her pocket, Shen Yumei and everyone around her couldn’t believe her eyes.
This is… Robbery?
Wow…No one would have thought that Tian Hao, a dignified chaebol son, would actually do such a despicable thing.
In an instant, Shen Yumei became anxious. If she didn’t have this mobile phone, how would she face the son-in-law Lin Fan in the future.
She must be ashamed and blame herself for a lifetime:
“Tian… Master Tian, ​​you have a lot of yours, please return this phone to me! It belongs to my son-in-law, and I have no right to sell it!” Shen Yumei was almost anxious. Cried out.
While talking, he stepped forward to grab the phone.
However, when she had just arrived in front of Tian Hao.
Tian Hao lifted his palms and slapped Shen Yumei’s face with a slap in the face. He immediately staggered her whole body, thumped, and fell to the ground.
Bright red palm prints emerged from Shen Yumei’s cheeks.
She was completely stunned.
His head was blank, and he was even temporarily deaf.
As if Tian Hao was just swatting a fly, he didn’t care. He glanced at Shen Yumei coldly, and then swept over everyone in the mobile phone shop.
Suddenly, when Tian Hao’s gaze swept over, whether it was the fat boss or the customers around him, he felt his scalp tingling.
Not to mention blocking, even they didn’t even have the courage to look at each other with Tian Hao.
“Huh! A group of low-level ants, they dare to refuse this young man’s kindness, and they toast and not eat fine wine!”
Tian Hao was no longer lazy to take a look at Shen Yumei and the others, and immediately took Qiu Jie and a group of Kuo Shao with them, and walked out of the mobile phone shop!
When the buzzing of engines resounded.
More than a dozen supercars roared like a beast, and then flew away in an instant.
Until then!
Shen Yumei shuddered in Lingling, and completely woke up from that slap.
“No… mobile phone! My son-in-law’s mobile phone!”
Shen Yumei stood up from the ground. When she saw the supercar that had disappeared without a trace, she was crying.
“You…can any of you lend me a phone call? My son-in-law’s cell phone was taken away. I want to tell my husband!”
At this moment, Shen Yumei looked at the fat boss and the others pleadingly.
And hear this!
Whether it is the fat boss or the customers around, looking at Shen Yumei, they are full of compassion and complexity.
“This lady, I advise you to forget it! Those people are all the sons of Jiangnan, you can’t afford it!” The fat boss persuaded.
While handing over his cell phone.
I’m afraid, he couldn’t even dream of it.
A call from his mobile phone suddenly made the entire Jiangshi tremble.

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