Today, I Give Up Trying

Chapter: 390

Tian Hao and the third child looked at Lin Fan, wishing to eat him.
However, before the two of them were scolding, they heard the buzzing sound once again resounding from the road.
Under the eyes of everyone from Tian Hao and Lin Fan, from the end of the road, supercars came quickly.
In the blink of an eye, a dozen supercars stopped in front of Lin Fan and the others, squeezing the entire road.
A supercar member walked off the car.
However, when they saw Lin Fan, who was intact, and the third child who fell on the ground with broken legs, all the supercar members were shocked.
“Three… Three brothers! How could your legs be like this!”
“Damn! Didn’t the third brother shoot this kid, but he broke his leg? How could it be possible!”
“No, the third brother’s gun dropped On the ground, and on Santana, there are so many bullet holes. That is to say, the third brother fired, but he didn’t hit this guy at all!”
when everyone saw that Santana was packed with bullets. After the hole, and an empty gun without bullets dropped on the ground, everyone instantly guessed what had just happened.
The youngest shot, but none of them hit.
how can that be.
All the supercar members were surrounded by Tian Hao and the youngest, one by one, watching the bloody and bloody condition of the youngest third, they only felt cold.
And the other side.
Huzi and Heizi, two bodyguards, quickly rushed to Zhang Yichen’s side. After seeing that their young lady was safe and sound, they let out a long sigh of relief.
“Mr. Lin, are you okay?” Xu Ziheng and Zhang Tian, ​​who surrounded Lin Fan, asked with concern.
Lin Fan nodded to the two of them, then turned his eyes, and looked straight at Tian Hao, his eyes cold and grim:
“You are Tian Hao?”
Hearing this, everyone’s gazes focused on Lin Fan’s body.
And Tian Hao, with the same expression, turned ugly and gray.
Boundless anger flashed and jumped in his eyes:
“Yes! Boy, do you know who you hit? He is the youngest, but he is a member of the Jiangnan princeling party!”
“You broke him His legs are tantamount to forge a feud with my princelings!”
Finish this!
A strong ferocity flashed in Tian Hao’s eyes. He raised his palm and waved at the crowd of supercar members behind:
“Li Yiyi! Xiashan! Come on, you two, give me this little beast. Go!”
Tian Hao’s voice was confident.
Among their supercar members, Hidden Dragon and Crouching Tiger, the third is good at marksmanship, while Li Yitian and Xia Shan are ruthless people in the fighting world.
Lin Fan will definitely be abolished when these two go on horseback.
However, the next scene made him frown.
Because after his words fell, neither Li Yitian nor Xia Shan came out.
Even the atmosphere among the supercar crowd is extremely weird.
“What’s the matter? Li Yitian ? Where’s Xia Shan?” Tian Hao turned his eyes and looked into the crowd.
It just made him more puzzled that he hadn’t seen those two people among the supercar members.
Not only them, but even the other two members who can play, did not appear here.
This made Tian Hao’s heart even more ominous.
Seeing Tian Hao’s puzzled gaze, Lin Guangyao immediately said to his scalp:
“Tian Shao, Li Yitian and the four of them have been interrupted by Lin Fan…!”

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