Today, I Give Up Trying

Chapter: 406

“Wife!” Lin Fan looked at Bai Yi.
He did not persuade, but waited for the choice.
If Bai Yi is really afraid that he will hurt them and the Bai family, and divorce him, then Lin Fan won’t have any more nostalgia, any debt!
He will wave his sleeves, and he has nothing to do with Bai Yi and the Bai family.
but if!
Bai Yi still has feelings and affection for him, so no matter how much ridicule he endures, he will still protect him silently forever.
Huh huh!
One after another, eyes fell on Bai Yi. , Everyone is waiting for Bai Yi’s choice.
Tears slid down from Bai Yi’s beautiful eyes.
She looked at Lin Fan with bitterness and disappointment in her eyes:
“Lin Fan, you… let me down too much!”
Bai Yi’s voice is full of sadness, and his words contain disappointment.
And this sentence made the old lady Bai and the others happy.
They immediately thought that Bai Yi was obviously extremely disappointed with Lin Fan and made a choice.
“Lin Fan, you shouldn’t be alone in looking for those princelings! What if something happens to you? What if you die in the hands of those people?”
“You are a lunatic, you are a liar, you are a fool !”
Bai Yi said more and more excited, until the end, the whole body completely collapsed.
She walked to Lin Fan’s face, raised her pink fist, and dropped her fist and fist against Lin Fan’s chest.
All the emotions, almost all suppressed every nerve of Bai Yi, and almost broke her.
Until the end, she rushed into Lin Fan’s arms and hugged him firmly. She was already crying:
“Fool! Fool! Fool!”
“Do you know, you scared me to death! I am your wife.” , Why don’t you take me and go together! Why do you want to go on an adventure alone! You are dead, what should I do? What should I do! Uuuu…”
Bai Yi’s crying, heart- piercing, contained With a deep grudge.
Just when I heard this!
Lin Fan’s heart trembled fiercely.
Only then did he know that Bai Yi’s disappointment with him was not because she had brought disaster to the Bai family, but because she was afraid that she would be in danger by herself.
A trace of warmth flowed in Lin Fan’s heart.
Especially, after feeling that his chest clothes were wet by Bai Yi’s tears, he felt extremely distressed and held Bai Yi in his arms, and a thick smile appeared at the corners of his mouth:
“Wife, I was wrong! I will never worry about you again, I will never worry about you again!”
Lin Fan said, lowered his head, and kissed Bai Yi’s forehead deeply.
And this scene froze the smiles on the faces of the old lady Bai and others.
They realized that Bai Yi’s disappointment with Lin Fan was not because of what he had done.
It was because he disregarded his own safety, causing Bai Yi to be anxious and worried!
“Bai Yi, did you get an Ecstasy by him! He was offended, but those chaebols in Jiangnan!”
“I ask you one last time, are you divorcing him?”
Grandpa Bai was furious, staring at Bai Yi, and asked harshly.
Heard this!
Bai Yi’s crying finally stopped slowly.
Her pretty face wet with tears slowly lifted it from Lin Fan’s arms, and then looked at the old lady Bai and all the Bai family members. On the pretty face, there was an incomparable determination:
“Lin Fan is for my mother. , Committing a risk alone!”
“He was a husband, he used to be, now is, and forever and ever… both!”
“I’d rather die than leave!”

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