Today, I Give Up Trying

Chapter: 422

This scene changed the expressions of the two bodyguards:
“No, this person has a problem! Stop him!” As soon as the words fell, the two wanted to rush forward to stop the youth.
But at this moment!
With a wave of the young man’s fingers, two leaves burst out instantly, like lightning.
With the uniform muffled sound, the two bodyguards who had just rushed forward suddenly stiffened.
They just felt cold on their necks.
The two reached out and touched their necks.
Suddenly they saw that the slimy, scarlet blood had covered their palms.
“Ho ho ho…”
The eyes of the two of them stared roundly. They looked at the youth as if they had seen a devil. The whole person completely lost their power, as if two iron towers were crashing down toward the back!
When the bodies of the two bodyguards fell to the ground violently, their bodies twitched slightly, and there was no more sound for a moment.
The two paparazzi in the grass were completely shocked.
The young paparazzi swallowed fiercely and could hardly believe his eyes.
Just now, he was in charge of shooting.
He clearly saw that the young man carrying a snakeskin bag just waved two leaves, and the two leaves were like sharp bullets, instantly smashing the two majestic The bodyguard pierced his neck.
Does the leaf penetrate the neck?
This… how is this possible!
At this moment, the middle-aged paparazzi next to him screamed as if he had seen a ghost.
Only figures at the master level can pick leaves and hurt others.
It’s just that he couldn’t understand at all. How could the young man in front of him, who looked so young, reached the realm of the master? This is simply incredible.
At this moment, after the two bodyguards were completely killed, they instantly alarmed the people in the hotel.
A famous Zhang family bodyguard, like lightning, flew out from the hotel.
“Enemy attack!”
“Enemy attack!”

a sound of fright, from the mouths of many bodyguards, constantly roared.
In particular, when they found that his companions even completely killed after waves of indignant roar rang out:
“Xiao Wu old nine dead and kill him, kill the bastard, to avenge brothers!!”
The bodyguards did Did not see how his companion was killed.
They just saw that the necks of the two companions were severed.
Suddenly thought that the other party was a sneak attack.
A full ten fierce bodyguards, like ten tigers coming out of the cage, a dagger flashed out of his hand, and then quickly killed the young man carrying a snakeskin bag.
And just as these bodyguards rushed in, the Heizi and Huzi in the hotel lobby, as well as the two retired special forces, were also completely disturbed.
When the two saw the face of the young man carrying a snakeskin bag.
The two of them were struck by lightning, and shouted at the guards who charged up:
“Blood Wolf! That guy is the Butcher Blood Wolf! Come back! Come back soon!”
Huzi and Heizi could hardly believe their eyes at this moment.
They are naturally concerned about the East Asian killer list, but they never dreamed that the super ruthless man on the killer list, the butcher blood wolf, would appear in front of them alive.
The roar of the two had just made a sound, and a bloody scene that they could not forget for a lifetime appeared.

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