Today, I Give Up Trying

Chapter: 437

It was also the sound of fragmentation, but after hearing this sound, the blood wolf was struck by lightning.
He looked at the crack on the blade of his spear, and a trace of panic appeared in his heart instantly.
His cold blood spear was actually pinched off by Lin Fan’s two fingers.
In this scene, a deep fear appeared in the blood wolf’s heart.
“Big…Grandmaster, you, you turned out to be the Grandmaster?” The blood wolf’s eyes almost fell out.
In his cognition, in this world, only a terrifying figure like the Great Master can achieve Lin Fan’s level.
The blood wolf only felt unprecedented fear.
Right now, he hardly dared to think about it, and he wanted to retreat.
But at this moment!
But he saw the blade of his cold blood spear, under Lin Fan’s two fingers, it burst into pieces in an instant.
Then Lin Fan’s palm, like a terrifying flood dragon, poke out, suddenly grabbed his spear, and then slammed it!
The blood wolf only felt a strong force swept from the shaft of the cold blood spear, causing a sudden pain in his palm.
The cold blood spear shaft was snatched away by Lin Fan instantly.
The spear was taken!
Tortoiseshell is broken!
This scene caused the blood wolf to fall into the ice cellar.
At the moment, he didn’t have time to think much, he pulled away, and wanted to flee into the distance.
“Boy, you…you wait! My master is also a great master, today’s vengeance, my blood wolf will avenge!!!”
The blood wolf flew around like a ghost, flickering and jumping in the darkness, and in the blink of an eye, it would escape into the night and disappear without a trace.
It’s just…
“I’m waiting!”
Lin Fan’s voice fell, and then his palm suddenly faced the night in front of him with a vicious wave.
call out!
The cold blood spear in that hand flashed out like a flash of night lightning with a sharp howling sound.
“Not good…”
The blood wolf fleeing in front suddenly heard a loud wind from behind him.
A trace of death enveloped him.
“No…” A shrill and frightened scream came, and the blood wolf immediately wanted to dodge to the side.
However, his speed is fast, but the speed of the cold blood spear shaft is even more unimaginable.
Almost instantly, he stabbed him behind his back.
Then from his waist, penetrated fiercely!
The blood wolf only felt a pain in his waist, and a spear with traces of blood pierced out of his dantian abdomen.
In particular, that terrifying force flew his entire life ten meters away.
Like a javelin.
Draw a parabola!
The cold blood spear nailed the blood wolf to the ground.
A scream of sorrowful screams came from the blood wolf’s mouth.
Splashing blood water continuously flowed out of his dantian abdomen.
“My dantian! No…you, you actually destroyed my dantian!” The blood wolf’s voice was full of panic and despair.
Dantian, this is the unique symbol of the master and strong.
The reason why the Grand Master was able to fly leaves to hurt people was because of the power from within the dantian, and the things gathered in his hands, only then could the leaves be sharply pierced like a blade.
But now!
The blood wolf only felt that his dantian was extremely painful, and a trace of airway was constantly escaping from the hole in the dantian.
His whole person, like a discouraged ball, actually began to lose a trace of strength.
That’s it!
Blood Wolf knew that losing his dantian meant that he was completely abolished, and he was no longer the terrifying East Asian super killer.

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