Today, I Give Up Trying

Chapter: 444

Master Lin?
Bai Yi’s heart suddenly shocked at this moment, but she remembered that she had seen the back of Master Lin from the video before, and the other party was almost like her husband… Lin Fan.
Thought of this.
Bai Yi couldn’t help but looked back at Lin Fan.
After seeing Lin Fan wearing a bib, holding a spoon in his hand, and dressed as a home cook, Bai Yi couldn’t help but shook his head, and a wry smile appeared at the corner of his mouth:
“I’m thinking about it again! How can Lin Fan and Master Lin come together? It matters!”
Thinking of this, Bai Yi continued to look at the computer screen.
When she saw, Master Lin appeared, punched the blood wolf’s armor, smashed the cold blood spear blade with two fingers, and nailed the blood wolf to the ground with a throw.
Bai Yi was dumbfounded.
Three tricks?
Completely abolish the blood wolf?
how can that be.
Not only her, but the Baishan next to him seemed to have seen a ghost. Seeing the story of this news, he shook his head repeatedly:
“Cut! What kind of shit report is this, how is it written like a fantasy novel!”
“That’s blood. The wolf, the international AAA criminal, the death of Zhang Yichen’s twelve bodyguards, and the serious injuries of the top ten national magicians, can see the brutality and viciousness of the bleeding wolf! How could such a character be nailed to the ground by that master Lin with three tricks Isn’t this a bullshit?”
Baishan doesn’t believe it at all, there are such powerful people.
He immediately thought that the editor of this news was too exaggerated in order to promote that Master Lin.
Even Shen Yumei next to him thinks so:
“Yes, three tricks to abolish the murderous blood wolf, even if Master Lin is in China, he is definitely the top person! How could this kind of person hide in our little Jiangshi! “The couple questioned the news reports constantly.
Bai Yi continued to search from the Internet.
Until, she entered the Jiangshi forum and suddenly saw that it had been completely screened by the’Zhang Yichen Incident’.
“Shock! There is a great master hidden in Jiangshi! The strong are invincible! ”
Furious Master Lin, three tricks to waste blood wolf!” ”
“Gosh! Peerless masters appeared, there are pictures and videos”

The posts were posted, almost all of them shocked the Master Lin.
Bai Yi immediately clicked on a post that claimed to have a live video, and then clicked to watch it.
They saw a scene filmed on the player.
Starting from the blood wolf approaching the hotel entrance.
The video shooting is clear, especially when the blood wolf plucked leaves from the roadside when Zhang Yichen’s bodyguard came forward to question.
Puff puff!
The leaves cut the bodyguard’s neck, and blood splashed in the black night sky.
Suddenly, the Bai Yi family was shocked.
“Leaves kill people? God… Oh my god, is this blood wolf terrifying to such an extent?”
“It’s worthy of being an international AAA level criminal. This method is incredibly powerful!”
Bai Shan and Shen Yumei’s complexion was pale. .
They continued to see that after killing twelve bodyguards one after another, the blood wolf and Master Qiu and others were fighting together.
A master seriously injured vomiting blood.
The blood wolf was like a tiger into the flock. It only took 50 seconds to hit Master Qiu and others severely.
This made the Bai Yi family’s scalp numb.
In their eyes, the blood wolf is simply a demon crawling out of hell, powerful and frightening and desperate.
In the video, Zhang Yichen appeared, just as she was about to be severely torn apart her neck by the steel wolf claws of the blood wolf.
A big hand suddenly stretched out and grasped the death wolf claw.
Especially, when the owner of that big hand appeared in the camera, that delicate and extremely familiar profile made Bai Yi, Baishan, and Shen Yumei all the bodies, shaking fiercely:
“This is… Lin Where?”

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