Today, I Give Up Trying

Chapter : 45

Mr. Lin, here we are!
When this extremely respectful remark rang in the conference room, both Zheng Xuechang and every high-level clothing department around were stunned.
Especially, when they saw the face of the old man in the lead.
Everyone’s heads felt as though they were struck by lightning, leaving them blank.
Is that… Yang Tianrui?
How can it be.
Almost everyone can’t believe their eyes.
Yang Tianrui is one of China’s four major fashion designers, and every classic fashion is leading the trend.
Isn’t he invited by the Huang Group at a sky-high price?
How could it appear here.
And those young people in suits and shoes behind, are they Yang Tianrui’s design team?
What are they here for?
One after another, he looked at Lin Fan incredible, as if he had seen a ghost.
“You… Are you Yang Lao?” Zheng Xuechang’s voice was trembling at this moment.
“Yes! It’s the old man!” Old Yang nodded, standing behind Lin Fan respectfully.
At this moment, both Zheng Xuechang and the others have thoroughly confirmed that the old man in front of him is Yang Tianrui.
Right now, Zheng Xuechang couldn’t help but looked at Bai Yi and asked incredulously:
“President Bai, what is going on? Mr. Yang, he…”
Hearing this, a smile appeared on Bai Yi’s mouth, and then he glanced at it. Everyone said slowly:
“From today onwards, Mr. Yang will be the chief costume designer of our Bai Group!”
In a word, the entire conference room was completely fried.
Everyone is unbelievable, after all, Yang Tianrui’s reputation in the fashion industry is too big, especially the cost of his appointment, it is said that the Huang Group has spent half a billion.
“President Bai, you didn’t report this matter to the board of directors! Old Yang’s exorbitant remuneration, how is it calculated?”
“If the board of directors knows about it, can you take the responsibility?”
Zheng Xuechang is still unwilling.
After all, it was a bet before that if Lin Fan really invited someone at the level of Old Yang, he would offer his own face and let Lin Fan slap in the face.
However, he just finished speaking.
Lao Yang stepped out and said directly:
“The old man is favored by Mr. Lin, and it is an honor to come here to serve! Naturally, no money!”
No cents?
This is so…
everyone’s heart is full of shocking waves.
That’s half a hundred million in rewards, and now, if Mr. Yang says that he doesn’t want it, then he can do it?
Everything is because of Lin Fan, this is as incredible as a fantasy.
At this moment, Zheng Xuechang’s complexion was green and red.
He could not find any reason to oppose Lin Fan as the chief technical adviser.
At the moment, I can only bite the bullet and say to Lin Fan:
“Lin…Counselor Lin! I lost, I apologize to you!”
After saying this, Zheng Xuechang suddenly withered like a frustrated ball. On the ground.
The dream of his chief consultant was completely shattered.
Not only him!
The gazes of the many high-level officials in the clothing department behind, looking at Lin Fan, have completely changed, become complicated, and become awed.
Obviously, being able to invite Mr. Yang for free is definitely not something ordinary people can do.
“Okay! The matter is over!”
Bai Yi smiled slightly, and his affection for Lin Fan became more intense. She looked at everyone:
“From today on, everyone will work together! I hope everyone will cooperate sincerely and let us The Bai Group has grown stronger!”
Bai Yi’s words fell, and applause resounded from below.
After all, with Yang Lao in charge, the clothing department of the Bai Group, sweeping Jiang City is almost a certainty.
Except for Zheng Xuechang, almost everyone’s heart is excited and excited.
Just at this moment!
The door of the conference room was roughly kicked open.
After that, under the horrified eyes of everyone!
Three police officers broke in.
“Who is Lin Fan?” The headed bald policeman had a ferocious face.
When they heard this, everyone was shocked, and everyone could see that these people were not good.
Lin Fan frowned likewise:
“I am!”
“Cuffed up!” The bald policeman yelled, and the two policemen immediately wanted to step forward.

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