Today, I Give Up Trying

Chapter: 464

When they heard this word, Ma Lao and others lifted their spirits, their breathing, even at this moment, became a little rush.
“Can you let us take a look at that painting?” Ma Lao asked nervously.
Just heard this.
Zhu Zhide’s heart thumped and thumped wildly.
I can only bite the bullet, point to the trash can in the living room, and say,
“That painting is right there…in the trash can!”
“Lao Ma, that painting is simply unsightly. When Lin Fan painted, We all saw it with our own eyes. It was not like a mountain or water. It was so dark that it was so dark. We didn’t know what it was!”
Zhu Zhide also wanted to explain.
However, the four of them didn’t listen at all, they all rushed in, and then they looked like a group of crazy treasure hunters.
He rushed to the side of the trash can and carefully took out the crumpled paper ball.
Then slowly unfolded.
However, when this paper ball was unfolded, the Shen Yuzhi family seemed to have seen a ghost one by one, and could hardly believe their eyes.
“This …… This is the view of mountains and rivers?”
Ignorant ……
at the moment, whether it is Chen Yuzhi husband, wife or Zhuru Fu, completely dumbfounded.
They had seen it with their own eyes before, that the painting Lin Fan painted was so dark that it was nothing but scribbles.
But now!
When the paper ball was unfolded, it seemed like magic, and became a picture of mountains and rivers.
The high mountains, majestic and majestic, reveal a majestic momentum standing on the ground and above the sky.
The turbulent Yellow River circled the mountains.
The rushing waves were so realistic that it made people shiver as if they were actually facing the surging river.
This picture of mountains and rivers, whether in momentum or color, gives people an almost flawless feeling.
Just looking at it, it seems that you are really standing among the mountains and rivers, looking down on the world!
“God…Oh my god! This is really Mr. BLOOD’s method of drawing with brushstrokes and outlines!”
“Mountains and rivers, I have seen countless people paint mountains and rivers in my life, but I have never seen it before, so so The bloody landscape of mountains and rivers! It is worthy of Mr. BLOOD’s masterpiece!”
“Hahaha… the sky has eyes, although the old man did not see Mr. BLOOD as a real person, but he saw his masterpiece, it is worthy of this life!”
“… …” At this moment, under the incredible sight of Shen Yuzhi’s family.
Ma Lao and other four great collectors, as if they were crazy, cried and laughed at this picture of mountains and rivers, excited.
At this moment, in the eyes of Shen Yuzhi’s family, the signature BLOOD under this landscape map is so dazzling.
The heart of each of them was pounding wildly, almost popping out of their throats.
“Ma… Mr. Ma, are you sure? Lin Fan is really BLOOD?”
Zhu Zhide’s whole complexion was brushed as white as paper, and asked in disbelief.
And hear this!
Only then did Mr. Ma realize his gaffe, and quickly wiped the tears from the corner of his eyes, and then nodded frantically: “Yes! Mr. Zhu Zhide, I have to say that your family is so glorious, it turned out to be a relative of Mr. BLOOD!”
“In addition, can this painting be sold to our Yunhai Collection! Although this painting has been artificially destroyed, our collection is still willing to pay…ten million dollars!”
The words fell like a blast of thunder that blew into the minds of Shen Yuzhi’s family.

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