Today, I Give Up Trying

Chapter: 476

When the words of my aunt Shen Yuzhi came, Bai Yi’s words of apology came to an abrupt end.
Her beautiful eyes turned round, and at this moment she only felt like a hallucination, and could hardly believe what she had heard.
“Little…Auntie, what are you talking about?”
Bai Yi was completely confused.
Especially, when she looked at Lin Fan who was smiling but not smiling, it was as if she had seen a ghost.
She couldn’t imagine that Lin Fan’s crow’s beak was opened again.
He said that his aunt’s phone number came to thank him, but he couldn’t think of it, it turned out to be…really.
This is simply incredible!
“White Iraq, aunt really special thank you! How did not expect, you and your spouse gave me this gift, even so thick, I …… I do not know how to express my excitement up!”
Into the phone Shen Yuzhi, as if he had won tens of millions of prizes, his voice was trembling, excited, and incoherent.
And this sentence made Bai Yi even more dumbfounded.
Big gift?
What big gift?
When did Lin Fan and himself give a big gift to my aunt?
Today, they just bought some simple nutritional products, oh yes, and the unsightly gift painting that Lin Fan painted before he left.
But whether it is nutrition or painting, it has nothing to do with gift.
The corners of Bai Yi’s mouth twitched slightly, only to feel like she was dreaming, and she didn’t understand what her aunt Shen Yuzhi was talking about.
This is more than that.
Then she heard the words of her aunt Shen Yuzhi again:
“White Iraq, to express gratitude to you and Lin Fan’s family, we have just booked a Golden Age Hotel’s location, we want to invite you and your wife to dinner! …… you can reward a face?”
Among the phone Shen Yuzhi’s voice was nervous but looking forward to it.
Not only that.
Bai Yi even heard nervous murmurs from his younger uncle Zhu Zhide, cousin Zhang Kaiming and others on the phone.
They seem to treat their husband and wife…respectfully?
Bai Yi was completely stunned.
She couldn’t think that the attitude of the aunt’s family had undergone such a big reversal, but she nodded and said:
“Auntie, then we will drive to the Shengshi Hotel now!”
“Good! Great! Thank you, Bai Yi, and thank you for giving this opportunity to our family. Let us apologize and thank you in front of you! For a while, you will see or leave at the entrance of Shengshi Hotel!”
Aunt Shen Yuzhi’s voice was full of strong ecstasy.
Until the call was hung up, Bai Yi still hadn’t reacted from the confusion.
“Lin…Lin Fan! What’s going on? My aunt is actually…thanking me?”
Bai Yi’s beautiful eyes stared at Lin Fan blankly.
She couldn’t imagine how things would become like this.
Even the aunt’s family wants to invite their husband and wife to dinner, thank you in person?
Why are you just thanking yourself?
Bai Yi couldn’t figure it out.
When he heard this, while looking at Bai Yi’s stunned expression, Lin Fan couldn’t help but smile:
“My wife, don’t think about it, maybe the aunt’s family feels too much for us, so I plan to invite us to dinner. !” After speaking, Lin Fan began to navigate and headed towards the Shengshi Hotel.
“Is this really the case?”
Bai Yi looked at her husband.
She couldn’t accept the reason Lin Fan said.
For some reason, Bai Yi faintly felt that this matter seemed to be inseparable from his husband Lin Fan.

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