Today, I Give Up Trying

Chapter: 509

“Unbelievable! It’s incredible!”
At this moment, Uncle Bai Hai looked at the broken ten Rolls Royce, and his whole body was shocked to the extreme.
“It’s unimaginable, that the Mercedes car, what is the big brother who? Even let the old charges and others to clear the way, let Diamond, who bring up the rear!”
“This is the number one fear level save it!”
The uncle white In the eyes of the sea, perhaps only the top provincial giants have the opportunity to enjoy this kind of treatment.
And aside.
Bai Yifan also the face of lament and excitement:
“! Dad went to River City, this road is the main road, the old charges to escort and others, is likely to be the great man went to River City, we should not inform their grandfather!”
“Maybe , Have a chance to catch up with this big man! ”
Bai Yifan’s words made Uncle Bai Hai’s eyes suddenly light up.
That’s right.
This road is the road to Jiangshi, in other words, Jiangshi is the destination of the big man.
As the Bai Group, which is currently the most popular in Jiang City, if it can get in touch with this big man, it will become popular in the future, which is just around the corner.
Thought of this.
Uncle Bai Hai’s breathing became a little hurried, and he quickly took out his mobile phone and called the old man.
At this moment, it was not only Bai Yifan who thought of this.
Even the other vehicles around, many people thought of this.
All of a sudden, one phone call came out from the surrounding cars, sending the news to Jiang City.
After these calls reached Jiang City, the whole Jiang City was completely boiling.
Many Jiangshi elders who got the news passed on ten, or passed on hundred.
In just one hour, almost half of the upper-class people in Jiang City knew about this.
After all, this thing is too shocking.
Almost all the giants in Yunhai City dispatched twenty Rolls Royces to give one person away, which is simply unimaginable.
Suddenly, many luxury cars in Jiang City began to set off, heading towards the main road into Jiang City.
This main road from Yunhai to Jiangshi, named Yunjiang Road, is a national highway.
There is a vacant lot just before entering Jiang City.
In the past, there were few people in this clearing, but today it has become the busiest place in Jiang City.
A lot of luxury cars almost parked on the ground around Yunjiang Road.
It’s like a luxury car fair.
Almost half of Jiangcheng bosses gathered.
Almost everyone of these Jiangcheng bosses prepared a generous gift.
Calligraphy and painting, antiques, jewellery…the precious gifts are dazzling, making people overwhelmed.
Among them, naturally there are people from the Bai family.
“Dad! Did you say that the news of Big Brother is accurate?” Er Ye Shirakawa’s face was full of excitement.
Shirakawa was previously arrested for colluding with Huang Guosheng against Lin Fan, but he was charged with a very minor charge and has now been released on bail.
Especially after the Baiyi family was driven out of the Bai family, the Baichuan family once again entered the Bai family group, and together with the uncle Bai Hai, they almost firmly controlled the Bai family group.
And heard this.
Old man Bai couldn’t help but stroked his beard, and nodded and smiled: “Second, don’t worry, your elder brother has always been safe, and the person who came this time is definitely a big man! Wait a moment, you should treat yourself well, if you can take it. If the relationship is established, then our Bai family will be completely stable!”

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