Today, I Give Up Trying

Chapter : 51

at the same time!
Inside the Caesars Hotel, a staff member is constantly busy.
The entire Caesar Hotel was completely cleared today, and only one box was open to welcome an important person to come for dinner.
At the door of the hotel.
Jiang City Police Chief Niu Yunkui and Jiang City No. 1 Chairman Zhang Guohao are waiting anxiously.
“President, who exactly is Mr. Lin?”
Jiang City Director Niu Yunkui was shocked this time.
Because he saw with his own eyes that Provincial No. 1 Liu Zhen was personally directing and setting up the venue.
The military area major general Dong Jun is mobilizing elite soldiers to arrange guard work.
Ma Yong, the richest man, was sweating profusely after being busy.
Niu Yunkui simply couldn’t imagine how capable Mr. Lin was, and let these three famous figures in the province personally set up a place to eat.
If this is spread out, it will definitely stir up the entire Jiangnan Province.
Heard this!
The face of Jiangshi No.1 Zhang Guohao couldn’t help showing a deep reverence.
He lightly shook his head:
“His identity, you are not qualified to know this director or that the entire River City, who knew his true identity, but also the number of single-handedly!!”
Number of first-hand!
The director Niu Yunkui naturally knew that Zhang Guohao did not lie. After all, it is conceivable that Mr. Lin’s identity can be horrified by allowing someone like Liu Zhen to set up the venue himself.
Da da da!
When the two were talking about Mr. Lin’s deeds, Liu Zhen and others were already busy and came over.
Seeing this scene, Zhang Guohao hurriedly led Niu Yunkui to greet him, and began to introduce:
“Chairman Liu, General Dong, and Mr. Ma, let me introduce you to you!” After that
, he pointed to Niu Yunkui, the director of Zhijiang City, and said:
“This is Niu Yunkui, the head of our Jiang City Police Department!” At the moment, Niu Yunkui hurry up. Stepping forward, shook hands with Liu Zhen and the three of them:
“Hello, President Liu! Hello, General Dong! Hello, Mr. Ma!”
Niu Yunkui’s palm was full of sweat.
After all, the three people in front of him are all top bosses in the province. In normal times, he is a small prefecture-level city chief and it is extremely difficult to see them.
Seeing this scene, Liu Zhen and the three were extremely enthusiastic.
“Hahaha… Director Niu, don’t be nervous! This time, the three of us have a lot of things to ask you!” Liu Zhen smiled.
General Dong also nodded and said:
“After all, Mr. Lin has always lived in Jiang City, this is the jurisdiction of Director Niu! In the future, if Mr. Lin has any needs, Director Niu will take care of him!”
“Yes! Mr. Lin The matter is not trivial! Director Niu has to bother a lot!” Ma Yong also answered.
At this moment, looking at the enthusiastic expressions of the three, Niu Yunkui suddenly trembled with excitement.
He could see it naturally.
The reason why these three big men are polite to themselves is entirely because of Mr. Lin.
After all, Mr. Lin is in Jiangshi, and he will have to deal with that Mr. Lin in the future.
With more friendship, he will become the celebrity beside Mr. Lin.
Niu Yunkui knew that these three people didn’t need to pay attention to their own little director.
“Three, please rest assured! From now on, Mr. Lin’s business will be my Niu somebody’s business! In Jiangshi, it is absolutely guaranteed that no one will dare to provoke Mr. Lin!”
Niu Yunkui patted his chest and assured him.
At the same time, he secretly vowed in his heart that he must confess that Mr. Lin.
This is the thigh.
A leg hair, I am afraid that I will not be able to enjoy it.
Seeing Niu Yunkui’s assurance, the enthusiasm on the faces of the surrounding Liu Zhen and others couldn’t help becoming stronger.
Just at this moment!
Ding Ding Ding!
A cell phone bell rang.
It was Dong Jun’s call.
He glanced at the number, frowned slightly, and then picked it up.
However, after he listened to the call, everyone around found that Dong Jun’s expression was pale.

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