Today, I Give Up Trying

Chapter: 517

Admit it!
Bai Yi never imagined that Lin Fan was going crazy today. He wanted to take over the Blue Ocean Building for no reason, and even in front of the general manager of this family, he confessed to himself, didn’t he seek abuse?
Wu Xuepeng glanced up and down at Lin Fan, with a deep contempt and anger on his face:
“What are you! Where are you? Where are you! Boy, let me tell you, the second in command of our headquarters today, Come to inspect!”
“If you offend our leader, then it is not as simple as driving you out!!!”
Second in command!
Hearing this, both Bai Yi and the Bai family were shocked.
They know that this so-called second-in-command at the headquarters is the No. 1 capable person under the Cai Guofu brothers.
Almost all the Baidao businesses under Cai Guofu are in charge of that person.
And now!
“Mr. Wu, is the person you talking about, Zheng Tian, ​​a business prodigy in Yunhai City?”
Zheng Tian!
This is a business prodigy. He graduated from Harvard School of Economics and Management, and was hired by Cai Guofu at a sky-high price!
In just one year, Cai Guofu’s business has skyrocketed several times, and he is regarded by many groups as a new generation of business wizards.
“Yes! Brother Bai Hai, you just came here! In my opinion, this time President Zheng came in person, and he must have discussed cooperation with your Bai Group!”
Wu Xuepeng said politely to the Bai family.
And this sentence made everyone in the Bai family ecstatic.
“Then this kid, what does President Wu plan to do?” Uncle Bai Hai said with a smile.
It was just that his eyes kept winking at Wu Xuepeng.
And seeing this scene, Wu Xuepeng suddenly understood.
The first time he saw Bai Yi, this stunning beauty, he was already irritated, and now, it was a good opportunity.
“Come here!”
Following Wu Xuepeng’s big hand waved.
Immediately, the security guards in the entire hall swarmed.
“You go together, throw this woman and this kid out of me!”
“Yes! General manager!” In an instant, the security guards around moved instantly.
Holding the sticks in their hands one by one, they rushed towards Lin Fan fiercely.
In this scene, Bai Yi’s pretty face was filled with fear.
This is more than that.
After Wu Xuepeng saw Bai Yi’s enchanting figure, he also rushed towards Bai Yi along with many security guards.
“Hahaha…You woman actually cheated , let me go out now!” With that, Wu Xuepeng had already rushed in front of Bai Yi.
With a big wave of his salty pig hand, he grabbed Bai Yi’s breast.
That’s right, even if Wu Xuepeng is in the Blue Ocean Building, he is also a famous old pervert. There are many women who have become playthings under his hands.
Especially for a beautiful woman like Bai Yi, he is naturally greedy in his heart.
one meter!
Half a meter!

Wu Xuepeng got closer and closer to Bai Yi, and the lustful color on his face grew thicker.
In his eyes, if Bai Yi is such a beautiful woman, if she wipes the oil, it will definitely be endless aftertaste.
Bai Yi was taken aback by this scene, especially Wu Xuepeng’s evil look on his face, which made Bai Yi backtracked in fright.
It’s just that she is fast, but Wu Xuepeng’s speed is indeed faster.
Almost in the blink of an eye, the salted pig’s hand came to Bai Yi and grabbed Bai Yi’s straight chest.

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