Today, I Give Up Trying

Chapter: 520

Only this sentence fell.
In the entire hall, it seemed as if the mute switch was turned on, and instantly fell into deathly silence.
Whether it’s Wu Xuepeng, Bai’s family, or even Bai Yi, there is nothing in his head at this moment, and it just feels like he’s dazzled.
Bai Yi! ?
This… how is this so possible!
When the reaction came over, the entire hall was completely exploded.
Especially those Bai family members, as if they had seen a ghost, kept exclaiming.
“What happened? Why did these people bow to Bai Yi?”
“Yeah! Isn’t their chairman Cai Guofu? How to become Bai Yi!”
“Impossible, how could Bai Yi be the owner of the Blue Ocean Building!”
In the eyes of the Bai family, Bai Yi’s rejection was a normal thing.
Especially in the future, she wants to buy the Blue Ocean Group, which is nothing less than a dream.
What a pity now!
The scene that happened in their eyes made every Bai family unbelievable.
Even more incredible, it was Wu Xuepeng.
He looked amazed Zheng Tian et al., Voice trembling and full of dismay:
“Zheng total, you …… you are not mistaken this woman wants to buy Blue Ocean Group, chairman of the board but we refused ah!!”
Can not Believe it!
For Wu Xuepeng, he simply couldn’t accept that the woman in front of him would be his chairman.
Huh huh!
All eyes were gathered on Zheng Tian.
And hearing this, Zheng Wu Xuepeng looked cold day, and then said:
“!! Yes before Cai chairman, did gather the acquisition of Miss White Iraq”
call ……
Upon hearing this, everyone else , A long sigh of relief.
Sure enough, Cai Guofu rejected Bai Yi.
That is to say, Zheng Tian and others made a mistake.
At the moment, everyone breathed a sigh of relief.
But at this moment.
Zheng Tian’s words continued to pass.
“But now, President Cai has already transferred the Blue Ocean Building and all the properties under his name to Miss Bai Yi!”
Zheng Tian’s words fell, causing everyone around him to breathe again.
Everyone’s eyes widened, wondering if they had heard it wrong.
Not only the Blue Ocean Building, but also all the industries have been transferred to Baiyi?
This… how is this possible.
Wu Xuepeng’s eyes almost fell out. He looked at Zheng Tian tremblingly, and asked in disbelief:
“Mr. Zheng, this is impossible! Mr. Cai told me before that the Blue Ocean Building is absolutely impossible to sell. Let alone the transfer!”
“Could it be that she made a sky-high price?”
In addition to the unimaginable sky-high price, Wu Xuepeng did not believe that Cai Guofu would sell the Blue Ocean Building.
Not only him!
All the Bai family nearby looked at Bai Yi in the same way.
In their eyes, it is only possible for Bai Yi to get this mansion if he pays a price that is difficult to refuse.
Especially the Baihai father and son.
Their heads were blank for a while. The father and son knew that Cai Guofu had already set the price of the Blue Ocean Building at 3 billion in order to embarrass Bai Yi.
If other industries under the name of Cai Guofu are added, Baiyi will have to spend at least tens of billions to acquire all of them.
Just tens of billions?
Is this really possible?
At this moment, Bai Hai and his son looked at each other, and the two of them could see the deep awe in each other’s eyes.
All of a sudden.
Everyone in the hall just felt that their heart was beating wildly, even Bai Yi covered his small mouth in astonishment, with a face full of disbelief.
However, this does not stop.
“It’s not a sky-high price, but…free transfer!”
When Zheng Tian’s words fell.
Like a calm lake, a bomb was placed, and suddenly everyone’s heart was set off with a terrible storm.

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