Today, I Give Up Trying

Chapter: 544

“Yes… That’s right! He is my husband Lin Fan!” At this moment, Bai Yi’s pretty face was slightly pale, and she said directly.
Until then.
Leng Bufan’s gaze shifted away from Bai Yi’s body.
He looked at Lin Fan, and when he saw Lin Fan’s casual outfit, the corners of his mouth became more full-bodied:
“Tsk! Miss Bai Yi, your husband’s name is so famous! This outfit, and him The name fits too well! Lin Fan, ordinary! Hahaha…”
Leng Bufan laughed as if he was making a joke.
Only after hearing his words, the young talents in Jiangshi around him naturally wouldn’t let go of the chance to please, and all laughed and agreed:
“Hahaha… Mr. Bai, today is a grand dinner. , Your husband’s clothes seem too ordinary!”
“Oh! One is Lin Fan, the other is Leng Bufan! Sure enough, Master Bufan is the real protagonist, and Lin Fan is just a clown!
” Alas… It’s a pity that such a flower as President Bai was inserted on the cow dung! In my opinion, President Bai and Leng Shao are a match made in heaven!”
“…” There was a lot of noise.
And among these voices, almost all of them were flattering words to Leng Bufan and mocking and attacking Lin Fan.
Hear these words.
A deep anger appeared in Bai Yi’s heart, she couldn’t help but grabbed Lin Fan’s palm, and then said to the crowd with a cold face:
“Sorry, my husband is good, you can’t see it!”
“His clothes, I am very Satisfied! This is enough!”
Bai Yi’s words did not show any mercy.
Suddenly, it seemed like a slap in the face, slapped fiercely on the faces of the surrounding guests, and immediately made everyone feel hot.
They didn’t expect that Bai Yi, a beautiful president, would actually protect his waste husband in this way.
Bai Yi ignored the ugly expressions of everyone around him, pulled Lin Fan, and walked towards the corner of the box.
Obviously, she didn’t even have the idea of ​​starting a conversation with everyone.
See this scene.
In Leng Bufan’s eyes, there was not the slightest unhappiness, but as if seeing a plump prey, he became more excited and evil.
“Zhou Nan, your old classmate is not only intellectual and beautiful, but also cold-tempered! I like it! Hahaha…”
“She, I’m going to make a deal !” Leng Bufan licked the corner of his mouth and faced Zhou Nan next to him. Said.
No taboo!
No convergence!
Even with his girlfriend Zhou Nan by his side, he did not shy away from his love for Bai Yi.
And this sentence made Zhou Nan’s face pale.
But obviously Zhou Nan has self-knowledge that everything she has is given by Leng Bufan, so she can only agree to all Leng Bufan’s requests.
“My dear, don’t worry! I must find a way to help you get that hooves!” Zhou Nan said with a smile, holding Leng Bufan’s arm.
Hearing this answer, Leng Bufan was obviously extremely satisfied.
His big hand patted Zhou Nan’s buttocks fiercely, and then he smiled evilly:
“Hey! I’m going to fuck this woman tonight! Let her be with you, and the three of us will come together!”
“From then on, let you two be real sisters! Hahaha…”
Thinking of Bai Yi’s glamorous face and the scene where he was pressed under his crotch, Leng Bufan only felt hot in his heart.

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I do like reading this story but why make Bai Yi look stupid all the time ? Lost count of how many times someone has had the idea of hitting on Bai Yi. This time it is Bufans turn to want Bai Yi. This is repeated time after time after time, and Lin Fan is humiliated all the time. Surely by now everyone knows who Lin Fan is by now , far too many clues to his identity , yet not even Bai Yi has a clue. All the characters in this story must be very stupid to not realise this by now.

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