Today, I Give Up Trying

Chapter: 576

Bai Yi clung to Lin Fan’s arm tightly, her teary pretty face, shaking constantly.
she knows.
Lin Fan had already abolished Leng Aotian’s grandson, and had forged a feud with Leng Aotian.
Bai Yi didn’t want Lin Fan to provoke Helan Mountain again.
Once the two great masters are offended, then Lin Fan will have no life.
Seeing Bai Yi’s begging look, Lin Fan’s mouth twitched slightly, and he could only forcefully suppress the killing intent in his heart.
“Cut! What? Are you scared too?”
He Jiaojiao saw this scene, and the smile on her face became more intense.
As if in her eyes.
Lin Fan’s family is a group of countryboys who have never seen the world, making her contemptuously:
“Since you are afraid, then I will spare you temporarily!”
“Humph! Old lady, you kind of inferior, just wait. Lame! This lady is going to find the famous genius doctor Lin, looking for a way to beautify her face! Hahaha…” He Jiaojiao laughed at Shen Yumei again.
After speaking.
She took the little white face and walked towards the hospital.
Doctor Lin?
Hearing this, Lin Fan’s eyes flashed, and he said coldly,
“I can guarantee that you can’t walk out of the hospital!”
“When you come out again, it must be exactly the same as my mother’s injury!”
Lin Fan’s words caused the two of Shen Jiaojiao who were about to leave to stop.
Can’t walk out of the hospital?
The two turned to look at Lin Fan, and after a brief silence, they suddenly blossomed with joy.
“Hahaha… useless things, can I just talk cruelly?”
“It’s exactly the same as your mother? You mean, I will be interrupted by someone? Hahaha…joke, the old lady is here to find the genius doctor Lin Yes, with him, even if this lady breaks her leg, she can heal immediately!”
He Jiaojiao laughed at Lin Fan and the others, and then didn’t bother to pay attention to it.
He walked into the hospital with the little white face next to him.
It’s not just He Jiaojiao.
At this moment, even Baishan, Bai Yi, Shen Yumei, and even the emergency doctor thought that Lin Fan was just saying a ruthless remark that didn’t work at all, nothing more.
“Xiao Fan, forget it! The granddaughter of Helan Mountain, we can’t afford it!” Shen Yumei said to Lin Fan with a deep bitterness on her face at the moment,
“What’s more, my legs will be raised for a while, and it will be fine!”
Not only Shen Yumei.
Iran is also facing the White Lin Fan said:
“!! Lin Fan, you do not forget the impulse it ……”
Both Bai Yi and Bai Shan and others shook their head bitterly.
He Jiaojiao!
They can’t afford to offend, they can only hide!
But they didn’t know that in Lin Fan’s heart, He Jiaojiao had become a useless person.
At the moment, he didn’t say much.
After sending Shen Yumei to the ward.
Lin Fan immediately found an excuse to go to the bathroom, and then headed to the top floor of the hospital.
When he had just arrived on the top floor, he suddenly saw Gao Zhiyuan, pacing back and forth in the corridor, holding a mobile phone in his hand, seeming to hesitate who to call.
And when he saw Lin Fan, he was immediately ecstatic:
“Mr. Lin, you are here just right!”
“There is something here. I originally wanted to call Miss Bai Yi and ask you to come!”
Obviously, Gao Zhiyuan didn’t know what happened before.
And heard this.
The corner of Lin Fan’s mouth curled up, and he said in a harsh tone:
“You called me, is it because there is a woman named He Jiaojiao who wants to see me!

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