Today, I Give Up Trying

Chapter: 580

At this moment, when he saw that He Jiaojiao had her leg completely broken, whether it was Bai Yi or the Baishan couple, a deep look of panic appeared in her heart.
“What’s the matter? Is it really that stinky boy Lin Fan did it?” The Baishan couple’s complexion was as white as paper, and sweat dripped from their foreheads.
That is the granddaughter of Helan Mountain.
If Lin Fan was really hot-headed and did something to hurt He Jiaojiao, then Helan Mountain would definitely not let Lin Fan go.
Thinking of this, the faces of the husband and wife were as ugly as dead gray.
Even more frightened, it was Bai Yi.
“How can Lin Fan be so impulsive! He just abolished Grandmaster Leng Aotian’s grandson two days ago, and now he has interrupted Grandmaster Helanshan’s granddaughter’s legs again?”
Bai Yi thought of his husband and called the two grand masters. His direct descendants, completely abolished, only felt a tingling scalp.
However, this does not stop.
At this moment, He Jiaojiao also found the Bai Yi family.
On her pretty face , a strong resentment suddenly flashed: “Your family is very good! Wait for me, this thing will never stop!!!”
He Jiaojiao confronted Bai Yi three mouthfuls, resentful Shouted.
There was a deep resentment in the voice.
And this sentence made the hearts of Bai Yi’s family even more tremble.
That’s it!
Lin Fan actually did it!
For a moment, Bai Yi’s family of three felt dizzy.
Until He Jiaojiao left the hospital with Xiao Bai’s face behind, Bai Yi’s family didn’t react.
Baishan swallowed fiercely and spit, his face was full of panic and death:
“What? Or, let’s let Lin Fan run away?”
In Baishan’s heart, Lin Fan is his child.
How could he just watch, Helan Mountain came to Lin Fan for revenge.
Not only him!
Shen Yumei next to him also looked at Bai Yi anxiously.
The corners of Bai Yi’s mouth were full of bitterness.
Helan Mountain is a great master, and even the Lanshan Group that established the Megatron Jiangnan with one hand. The power is terrifying, and where can Lin Fan escape.
At this moment, the family of three was completely lost.
And at this moment.
A doctor in a white coat came over, it was the emergency doctor before.
“Huh? Miss Bai, why are you still doing here?”
“Mr. Lin has already gone to the ward waiting for you!”
The emergency doctor looked at the Bai Yi family, his face was full of respect.
He had just gotten downstairs and had already learned from other doctors that Lin Fan was the genius doctor Lin, the owner of this hospital.
He now!
The respect for the Baiyi family is extremely polite.
Only at this moment, after seeing the ugly face of Bai Yi’s family, the emergency doctor couldn’t help but was taken aback, and then hurriedly asked:
“Miss Bai Yi, your family of three don’t look pretty! Did something happen?”
He dared not neglect in the slightest.
After all, this is the family of the genius doctor Lin.
Hearing this, Bai Yi quickly asked the emergency doctor:
“Doctor, do you know who broke the leg by He Jiaojiao just now?”
The emergency doctor was taken aback for a moment, and then said puzzledly:
“I know, it was the leg that was broken by the genius doctor Lin!”
Hearing this, both Bai Yi and the Baishan couple were taken aback.
Doctor Lin?
Phew… The family of three let out a long sigh of relief.

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