Today, I Give Up Trying

Chapter: 586

The blood wolf was taken aback for a moment, and then looked at the medicinal herb handed over by Xuefutu, his eyes suddenly flashed with a thick incredible color:
“Master, this… can this medicinal herb really help the disciple to repair his dantian? ”
The blood wolf’s eyes flashed with deep excitement.
He originally thought that his whole life would be over, but who would have thought…
A smile appeared on the corner of Xuefutu’s mouth:
“This grass is called Devil’s Grass! It’s something unique to Lobu Lake! I lived in seclusion for five years in that desolate place, but only found two plants!”
“One plant, I took it! This is the last plant!”
Five years, two plants were found!
Hearing this, the blood wolf finally understood the reason why his master lived in Lobu Lake.
There was a thick mist of water in his eyes, and he asked the Blood Buddha:
“Master, did your dantian also break back then?”
If the dantian is not damaged, the blood wolf really can’t understand it. My master is powerful, looking for the meaning of the devil’s grass.
However, after listening to the question of Blood Wolf.
Xuefutu’s gaze was involuntarily looking to the southwest. He seemed to be able to see through the endless night sky, the sea that was unforgettable, and the pieces of brothers who looked like demons.
“That’s right!”
“Five years ago, when I returned to China, my dantian was already shattered, and my strength fell again and again!”
“But for one person, I don’t want to give up!”
In Xuefutu’s mind, a thin figure appeared involuntarily.
That person, wearing a grimace mask, even if it was him, guarding that person day and night, he couldn’t remember the other person’s face at all.
But it was such a man who had never seen the face of the bloody Buddha, but he was unwilling to give up, and he did not want to give up.
“When I left that sea, I used to swear to myself!”
“One day, I will mend my dantian, improve my strength, and return to that man again to protect him!”
As soon as he said this, the blood wolf was even more shocked.
He simply couldn’t imagine what kind of man he was with the strength of his master to make him so loyal.
Robe Lake!
The kind of place where birds don’t shit, they have to endure unimaginable loneliness and loneliness all day long.
No food!
Nothing to drink!
no friend!
If it is an ordinary person, living in such a place for a year will definitely go crazy, and the bloody Buddha, such a peerless murderer, has tortured there silently for five years, finally found the devil’s grass and restored the dantian. .
The charm of that man is beyond imagination of the blood wolf.
“Master, who is that person?”
“I have seen you before, and I have been looking to the southwest. Where is he now?” The blood wolf’s heart became more and more curious.
When he followed the Blood Buddha, every night, he would see the Blood Buddha sitting alone under the night sky, like a lone wolf, thinking of the wolves and weeping silently.
That kind of nostalgia and sadness, until now, the blood wolf is still unforgettable.
Bloody Buddha thought of that person, and a gentle smile appeared at the corner of his mouth:
“He is a man who looks like a god! At the age of thirteen, he came to China alone to kill ten gold medal killers and slaughter an international giant!”

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