Today, I Give Up Trying

Chapter: 589

As soon as this remark came out, blood raged all over the blood wolf.
Is he going to see his idol soon?

Time flies by.
When the early morning came the next day, the whole Jiang City boiled again.
On the street, crowded with people, luxury cars began to gallop towards the Jiangshi Stadium.
Today’s Great Master’s battle will be held in the stadium.
There is no live broadcast, only live watching.
This also made the number of places available to watch the game extremely limited. Even in Jiang City, only the giant forces such as the Tianlong Group and first-class families can send people to watch the game.
Not only that!
The other twelve cities around, as well as the wealthy chaebols in Jiangnan City, the provincial capital, also sent many high-level officials to come to see the great master.
To know!
There are 13 cities in Jiangnan.
Although there are very few Big Macs and first-class families in each city, the number of people in the 13 prefecture-level cities combined is too large.
Even if it is early in the morning, luxury cars have been parked at the entrance of the stadium.
Rolls Royce!
…It’s like a huge luxury car exhibition. There are many different license plates of luxury cars. Some belong to Jiangnan City, some are local in Jiang City, and Yunhai City is nearby.
This seems to have gathered all the famous chaebols in Jiangnan Province, and the grand occasion is unprecedented.
A BMW car stopped in the parking lot of the stadium.
If it is normal, BMW is definitely a very good car in any parking lot.
But now, it belongs to the most inconspicuous car.
Grandpa Bai and Baishan father and son slowly got out of the car.
When they saw the luxury cars around, the Bai family only felt that their faces were hot, ashamed and embarrassed.
“Grandpa! This car of ours is simply…a bit embarrassing!” Bai Yifan said to the old man with embarrassment.
Hearing this, the old lady also felt a fever in his old face:
“Wait! As long as we have a good relationship with Grandmaster Lin, and then kill the new Baishi, then we will change to a luxury car!”
Hearing this, Baishan The father and son also nodded helplessly.
This time when they came, in addition to the old man watching the battle, they also hoped to have a good relationship with Grandmaster Lin.
after all!
The weight of a great master is too heavy.
A word of others can determine whether your group can gain a foothold locally.
And Grandmaster Lin, who was from Jiangshi, was naturally the coveted object of the Bai family’s dream.
“Grandpa, look! That’s Xu Tianlong, Blood Rose, and Zhang Guohao!”
“Huh? Mr. Fei and Mr. Qi from Yunhai City are here too!”
“There is also the Tian Family in Jiangnan City!”
At this moment, Father and son Baishan exclaimed.
Every spectator who came here was a city-level giant, and they could only be seen on TV in ordinary hours, but now they are all here, which is too shocking.
It’s more than that!
Another row of Rolls Royce was parked in the parking lot.
Then, a black bodyguard with white gloves got out of the car quickly and lined up in two rows.
When the doors of two of the Rolls-Royce cars hit.
The two old men got off the two cars separately.
Seeing these two people, whether it was the Bai family or Xu Tianlong and other bigwigs, they all refreshed.
Because these two people are Grand Master Leng Aotian, and Grand Master Helan Mountain!

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