Today, I Give Up Trying

Chapter: 594

at the same time!
In the gymnasium, after Lin Fan walked in, he went straight to find a quiet place and sat down.
He ignored the farce outside the gymnasium and didn’t bother to care about it.
In his eyes.
The Bai family is just a group of ants, nothing more, and there is no interest even to give him a second look.
“Blood servant?”
Lin Fan’s gaze turned straight to the high platform of the gymnasium, and deep excitement and excitement appeared in his eyes.
The Blood Servant hadn’t seen his true face, especially, Lin Fan’s voice now was far different from when he was in the Blood Prison.
As the King of the Blood Prison, his voice was cold and awe-inspiring, like a demon of hell.
And now!
With the three years of living in Bai’s house, his voice was calm and gentle.
Not to mention the blood servant, even any blood prison powerhouse could not distinguish him at all.
“Today, it should be the first time you have seen my true face!”
Lin Fan smiled, and now began to close his eyes to rest up.
At the same time.
The big guys in the front seat were whispering and talking.
“Hey, now Grandmaster Leng and Grandmaster He are here! Why haven’t you seen the mysterious Grandmaster Lin?”
“Cut! According to me, the surname Lin might not come at all! Otherwise, Blood Buddha I provoked it twice on TV, why didn’t the one surnamed Lin respond once!”
“Yes, after all, the Blood Buddha is a super murderous man who has long been famous! The Great Master Lin may be just a newcomer, so he dare not come. It’s normal!”
Almost all around are big men from 13 cities in Jiangnan.
At this moment, the topics they discussed were almost all about Master Lin.
In particular, the conclusions are extremely uniform.
That was Great Master Lin, who didn’t dare to come, let alone fight the bloody Buddha.
And just when everyone is noisy.
A heavy footstep suddenly came from the high platform in the center of the gymnasium.
Everyone saw that from the left and the right of the high platform, two figures slowly stepped up.
It is Leng Aotian and Helan Mountain.
“Look, the two great masters are on stage! The time that the bloody Buddha said is coming soon!”
“I really look forward to it! I don’t know that the two great masters will be able to kill the murderer here!”
“… ”
Many big men are full of excitement.
That’s right!
In China, there is an unwritten rule.
Anyone in the martial arts, revenge or challenger, as long as the two sides do not agree to “stop until”, then even if there is a murder case, the official will not pursue it.
In other words.
Today, whether it was the Blood Buddha who killed Leng Aotian and Helan Mountain, or the two of them killed the Blood Buddha, they would not be caught.
This belongs to the personal grievances of people in the martial arts, nothing more.
Under the attention of everyone, the two great masters have already stepped onto the high platform.

Everyone !” In Leng Aotian’s voice, there was true energy, like a billowing wave, spreading to every corner of the gym.
His sharp eyes swept across the figures in the stands.
And as he passed, the big brothers in the stands instantly became quiet.
Everyone only felt that Leng Aotian’s gaze was like a cold knife scraping from their body, making everyone feel cold all over.
“This…is this the gaze of the Grand Master? Oh my god, I have a shudder from the soul with just one look?”

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