Today, I Give Up Trying

Chapter : 60

In an instant, there was an instant riot in the main hall of the Bai family.
They never thought that the police came to the door.
Is it here to capture Lin Fan?
But it doesn’t look like it again!
Everyone was extremely puzzled, especially with the appearance of Niu Yunkui, Director Jiang City could be regarded as one of the top figures in Jiang City.
“Director Niu, why are you here?”
The old lady Bai was startled and quickly got up from the seat.
The other Bai family members looked at Niu Yunkui with tension.
After all, this is the Jiang City law enforcement agency, the most powerful boss.
“Director Niu, you’re here just right! This Lin Fan, wounding and attacking the police, is now at large escaped from prison, hurry up! Get him quickly!” Bai Yan didn’t find it wrong.
Her first reaction was that Niu Yunkui and others came to arrest Lin Fan.
And just after her shout fell, she was shocked to find that everyone around was looking at her, as if they were looking at a fool.
Bai Yan was stunned.
This is more than that.
She was stunned to see that Lin Fan faced Niu Yunkui indifferently
, and said : “You, tell them!”
“Yes! Mr. Lin!” Niu Yunkui nodded, then stepped forward, facing many Bai family members.
This scene shocked all the Bai family even more. They couldn’t understand how Niu Yunkui was so polite to Lin Fan.
“Our police have investigated clearly that the Huang family colluded with the police captain Zhong Bin and intended to frame Mr. Lin Fan!”
“In addition, the Huang family and Zhong Bin have been arrested and imprisoned for several murders!”
Niu Yunkui’s voice was vigorous and powerful.
But falling in the ears of many Bai family members, it sounded like thunder.
Huang Family and Zhong Bin were arrested?
how can that be.
The grandfather, the uncle Bai Hai and others were all unbelievable. After all, the Huang family was not weaker than the Bai family’s big family, how could it fall so easily.
However, Niu Yunkui’s words made everyone incredulous.
“In addition, in order to confess his sins, Huang Guosheng voluntarily transferred all the properties under his name to Mr. Lin Fan’s wife-Miss Bai Yi!”
As soon as these words came out, the entire Bai family’s main hall was thoroughly fried.
“Oh my God, I… Did I get it wrong? Huang Guosheng transferred the property under his name to Bai Yi?”
“Doesn’t that mean Bai Yi became the largest medicinal material supplier in Jiang City? I rely on…”
“Impossible! How could this happen…”
Many of the Bai family members were completely stunned by the news.
However, Bai Yifan and Bai Yan were even more sluggish as if they were hit by five thunders.
Not only them.
Bai Yi at this moment was also completely confused.
Especially, when she saw Niu Yunkui take out a document, came to her, and handed it over respectfully, Bai Yi couldn’t help but swallowed and spat, and asked uncertainly:
“Director Niu, Huang Guosheng really Transferred the property to me? This… isn’t it a joke!”
Are you kidding?
The corners of Niu Yunkui’s mouth twitched slightly.
He glanced at Lin Fan next to him weirdly, and his heart was slanderous.
What is the property of the Huang family? Your husband is the richest person in the world. With an order, let alone the Huang family, even most of the properties in Jiangnan Province can be bought in your name easily.
However, Niu Yunkui didn’t dare to show it, he just said respectfully:
“Miss Bai Yi, don’t worry, this is not a joke! Huang Family Industry, everything belongs to you in the future!” He said, handing a pen to Bai Yi.
Bai Yi’s head was muddled, and he signed the word in a daze.
Until then!
Niu Yunkui breathed a long sigh of relief, and then indifferently glanced at the old man and the others, and said lightly:
“Besides, there is one last thing!”
“According to our investigation, someone from the Bai family is treacherous with Huang Guosheng. , Harm people together! That is… Baichuan, Bai Yan, Ma Zhitao!”
“Give me, catch them all!”

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