Today, I Give Up Trying

Chapter: 606

bring it on!
World War One!
After hearing Lin Fan’s arrogant and arrogant words, all the Jiangnan gangsters in the surrounding stands really reacted from the shock.
My God, Grand Master Lin actually defeated the Blood Wolf with a single move?
In an instant, all the big guys in the surrounding stands were completely boiling.
“Grandmaster Lin!!!”
“Grandmaster Lin!!!”
“Grandmaster Lin!!!”
Each of the Jiangnan gangsters flushed with excitement, shouting Lin Fan with their arms, their faces flashing at all With a strong worship and fanaticism.
Even the old lady white stood up from the seat, and his heart was full of passion, as everyone raised their arms frantically and shouted.
“So powerful! It turns out that among the three great masters in the south of the Yangtze River, Grandmaster Lin is the strongest one!”
The old lady Bai was extremely ecstatic.
Although he hadn’t seen Lin Fan’s face until now, he still did not hinder him, his heartfelt worship of Great Master Lin.
The loud shouts echoed endlessly in the stadium.
And see this scene.
Bloody Buddha’s ugly face was full of evil spirits:
“It seems that they all adore you! Unfortunately, after today, they can only… pay homage to you!”
Almost everyone can sense the terrible murderous intent from the words of the bloody Buddha.
And as the words fell!
The soles of Xuefutu’s feet slammed on the ground.
Under his foot, the hard marble ground burst into pieces in an instant, and the rubble continued to fly.
Under the force of the counter-shock, Xuefu Tu’s figure flashed, and he attacked Lin Fan.
“Boy, take your life!”
Senran murderous intent escaped from the fist of Blood Buddha.
His whole offensive is like a crazy tiger, culling the lamb.
Everyone around could hear the sound of the fist breaking the wind.
Obviously, the power of this punch has reached a terrifying level.
Leng Aotian and Helanshan’s complexion changed drastically.
The two of them can be sure that even in their heyday, working together, they will not be able to beat the bloody killing fist of the Blood Buddha.
Deep worries surfaced on the faces of the two great masters.
Especially feeling the terrifying pressure of the bloody Buddha’s punch, the two only felt a tingling scalp.
It’s just that something that made them even more incredible happened.
“Good come!”
Lin Fan faced this terrifying blood-killing fist without the slightest fear, but a strong excitement.
He clenched his hand into a fist, and also blasted his fist toward the Blood Buddha.
this scene made Leng Aotian, Helan Mountain, and all the Jiangnan bigwigs in the stands, horrified to die.
Fist to fist.
Is this… crazy?
The faces of all Jiangnan bosses were filled with dignity and worry.
This is the Blood Buddha.
According to legend, his blood-killing punch has reached a terrifying level. With a punch, the master will die.
And now, even if Lin Fan defeated the Blood Wolf with a single move, he was just a newly promoted Grand Master. How could he fight hard.
In an instant, almost everyone’s heart sank to the bottom.
When the bloody Buddha saw this scene, the corner of his mouth sneered, but it was even more intense:
“I don’t know how to live and die!”
“Blood Killing Punch, blow me up!” Om!
As the blood of the blood floated to the fist even more majestic, his fist wind became more and more violent, and there was a flash of red light on it.
With a force of thunder, he blasted Lin Fan fiercely.
However, the scene that made him shocked appeared.

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