Today, I Give Up Trying

Chapter: 612

“You… how could you be here!”
At this moment, looking at the figure that suddenly appeared, Uncle Li only felt a chill, and he went straight to his forehead from the sole of his feet, making his scalp numb.
That’s right!
The person who appeared in front of him turned out to be… Lin Fan!
“Didn’t you leave from another exit? This…”
Uncle Li was completely dazed.
He knew that Lin Fan was powerful and terrifying. In order to prevent the other party from noticing himself, he waited until Lin Fan left from another exit before leaving the opposite exit from Lin Fan.
However, what made him even unable to think of in his dreams was that Lin Fan not only discovered himself, but blocked himself in such a short period of time?
how can that be.
“Is it surprising?”
Lin Fan smiled slightly:
“If I didn’t leave, how could you show up so quickly!”
Lin Fan had already discovered the existence of this Uncle Li in the gymnasium. Obviously, he had already guessed. To his identity and purpose.
The reason why he waited until now to make a move was naturally because he was only freeing up now.
Hearing this, Uncle Li felt his scalp numb.
on purpose!
Only then did he understand that Lin Fan had deliberately left from that exit in order to show himself within a short time.
Between the two people’s question and answer, Zhang Lei in the video was completely confused.
“No…impossible! The Bloody Buddha Tu is a great master, and so cruel! How could that surname Lin be his opponent!”
Zhang Lei’s face seemed to have seen a ghost, staring at the video.
That’s the Blood Buddha!
A peerless murderer in the northwest of Megatron.
How could this kind of character not kill Lin Fan.
Moreover, Zhang Lei could see that it was not just that the bloody carnage killed Lin Fan. Uncle Li seemed to remind himself about Lin Fan’s certain identity?
And just when Zhang Lei guessed.
An icy voice suddenly resounded from the video:
“Use your head to warn the Zhang family!”
Zhang Lei was taken aback for a moment, but at this moment.
He suddenly saw that in the video, a swish, like a red light flashing past Uncle Li’s neck.
“Li…Uncle Li! Are you okay now? You leave quickly, you are from our Zhang family, that kid dare not…”
Zhang Lei’s anxious voice was not finished yet.
He suddenly saw Uncle Li, the housekeeper in the video, his eyes widened suddenly, and then his purple mouth opened, intermittently saying:
“Young…Master, he, he is…”
Uncle Li wanted more and more. Telling something.
But his words have not been finished yet.
A stream of scarlet blood suddenly spurted from his neck, and the video shot was sprayed with blood.
Zhang Lei’s body was cold, and he saw a blood line emerging from Uncle Li’s neck.
Uncle Li’s head slowly slipped off the smooth neck.
In the video picture, Yihua, a dull sound of the corpse falling, came to Zhang Lei’s ears.
Zhang Lei’s eyes almost fell out.
This is more than that.
He saw that the video camera rotated again, and then it looked like Uncle Li’s mobile phone was picked up by someone, and there was a beautiful face in the picture.
It is… Lin Fan!
“The last name… Last name is Lin! You killed Uncle Li, how dare you kill our Zhang family! You are looking for death!”

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