Today, I Give Up Trying

Chapter: 626

The densely packed baseball bats are simply overwhelming.
Not to mention a person, even a fierce beast with a rough skin will be instantly smashed into flesh.
See this scene!
Xun’er’s expression changed drastically, and she wanted to rush towards Lin Fan.
Even if she died on her own, she wanted to protect her elder brother behind her.
And the evil young man and others, the hideous color on his face became more and more intense:
“Hahaha…idiot, die! Kill him!”
“Hey, this kid really has a way to go in heaven, no hell. The door comes! It’s really looking for death!” These people were brutal.
They seemed to have seen the miserable scene of Lin Fan being beaten into a bloody man by a stick.
But at this moment.
Lin Fan’s slow words came again:
“Okay! Since there are more people, then…more than people!”
Lin Fan’s words caused Gao Shengyuan and others to be taken aback.
However, they had not yet waited for them to understand what Lin Fan meant.
The same roar of engines, like a roar of a beast, suddenly exploded.
Then, under the incredible sight of everyone, another black car swept in like a speed.
These cars seem to have been lurking in the surrounding alleys a long time ago.
It seems that they have long been waiting for Lin Fan’s order.
Until now!
Looking at the black cars that rushed frantically from the surrounding roads and alleys, the big guys who rushed forward, all pale and stopped their movements.
And Gao Shengyuan, the evil young man, and others, are as if they have seen a ghost, and they can hardly believe their eyes.
“He… they are the people of Lord Dog?”
Gao Shengyuan is not a fool.
He knew that this was the North District of Jiang City, and he was able to mobilize so many convoys in one go, then only the Dao’s subordinates lost their dogs!
Gao Shengyuan knows the person “Sanggou”.
Just now, he was still at the bereaved dog’s house and even gave the other party a generous gift.
Gao Shengyuan couldn’t believe what Gouye and the others were doing here.
“Could it be because of me? This guy said that there are more people than it is just a coincidence?”
Gao Shengyuan could only think of such a possibility at this moment.
And just when he was uncertain.
I suddenly saw that the doors of the black cars opened.
A strong man, led by nearly a hundred big men in white clothes, walked down from the car like a tide.
The brawny man headed by him is a bereaved dog!
But there is more to it!
After Sanggou and others walked down, the door of the black car at the front also opened.
Then, a middle-aged bald head got out of the car.
See this man.
Gao Shengyuan and the evil young man next to him and others couldn’t believe their eyes.
“Knife… Master Dao!!!”
That’s right!
The bald-headed middle-aged man in front of him is the boss of the bereaved dog and the master of the North District-Dao Ye!
Gao Shengyuan and others were completely shocked.
They knew that Master Dao hadn’t come forward for a long time, and he had almost handed over most of his business to Sango.
And he has always been simple.
Even Gao Shengyuan had visited with generous gifts several times, but was rejected.
Gao Shengyuan couldn’t believe how Dao Master appeared here.

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