Today, I Give Up Trying

Chapter: 647

after all!
In this world, there are a few women who can do it to help their husband withstand the crime, especially this crime, it is very likely to kill their own lives.
“I really don’t know, what kind of shit luck this bastard took to make Miss Bai Yi so obsessed with him?”
Everyone’s heart was full of wry smiles.
They were envious of Lin Fan’s luck.
At this moment, Bai Yi didn’t care about the thoughts of everyone around him.
She glared at Lin Guangyao angrily, and then continued to say to Leng Kang and others:
“What I said is true!”
“I stole this card. It has nothing to do with Lin Fan. If your group wants to If you want to be held accountable, then I’ll be held accountable! I’m willing to take it all!
Bai Yi’s words are full of determination. It’s just!
When you hear these two words, whether it is Leng Kang , Or the rest of the Shengshi Group directors, all of them turned pale in fright. A wry smile appeared on the corner of Leng Kang’s mouth, and then wiped the sweat from his forehead, and then sneaked a glance at Lin Fan.
As if waiting for Lin Fan to give himself instructions.
and see this screen!
Lin Fan look slightly quirky, but it is nodded.
after seeing Lin Fan schematic, cold Kang, president and director of Saatchi all my heart, give a long sigh of relief.
then Leng Kang said directly:
“Okay! That being the case, on behalf of Shengshi Group, I believe that this card is related to Miss Bai Yi! ”
Upon hearing this, the rest of the people in the surrounding hall were once again in an uproar.
Top offense succeeded?
They did not expect that Leng Kang actually believed that Bai Yi had stolen this Emperor Card.
In an instant, whether it was Leng Bufan or Lin Guangyao and others, they looked hard to see the extreme.
They stared at Lin Fan fiercely.
How unwilling to let this bastard escape.
And just when Leng Bufan and others wanted to continue to impose the charge of stealing cards on Lin Fan.
But I was stunned to hear the voice of President Leng Kang, and continued:
“Today, I officially announce that from now on, Miss Bai Yi will become the fourth Skeleton Emperor Card owner of our Shengshi Group in China!
” As long as she appears in the industry under our Shengshi Group, she will enjoy the honorable treatment of the Supreme Emperor! ”
What! ! !
When Leng Kang’s words were heard, everyone around him was dumbfounded.
The 4th Skeleton Emperor Card owner in China!
Imperial treatment!
This… how is this possible.
The people around, whether they were the senior officials of the New Bai Group, Gao Shengyuan and others, or Leng Bufan and others, could not believe their ears.
Didn’t Bai Yi succeed in the crime?
Why is he now the owner of the Emperor Card?
Everyone felt a buzzing in their heads.
However, this is only the beginning.
“Today, I brought all the directors of Shengshi Group to congratulate the new Baishi Group on the opening of the Group!”
“New Baishi Group, from now on, will become our first partner of Shengshi Group! Hundred percent of resources are tilted!”
“Any friend of Xin Baishi Group is a friend of our Shengshi, whoever is Xin Baishi, It is the enemy of our Shengshi Group!”
In a word, everyone was shocked!

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