Today, I Give Up Trying

Chapter: 649

At this moment, after a brief astonishment for Baishan, Baiyi and others, Lin Fan’s words echoed in everyone’s mind.
This guy said before that the new Baishi will fly into the sky today.
At the time, almost everyone thought he was crazy.
And now!
When the opportunity to fly soaring into the sky appeared before their eyes, everyone unexpectedly felt a sense of creepy fear.
One after another, they all looked at Lin Fan, as if they were looking at a devil.
They couldn’t figure out how Lin Fan knew?
Inside the hall at the moment.
Not only these suppliers.
The most shocking was Leng Bufan and others.
“No…impossible! Is my dad crazy? The Bai Yi and Lin Fan stole the Emperor Card, and even the bastard Lin Fan, and abolished me!”
“My old man doesn’t count as revenge for me. Now, he…he listed the enemy’s company as the first partner! How could this be!”
Leng Bufan’s complexion was as ugly as dead gray. Even if he wanted to break his head, he couldn’t figure out why. .
And behind his wheelchair.
Bai Yifan, Shen Jian, and Lin Guangyao were even more stunned.
Especially Bai Yifan.
One of his face was instantly as white as paper, without blood:
“It’s over! New Bai’s has become a partner of Prosperity , then our Bai Group… is completely over!” Bai Yifan seemed to see the end of the Bai Group. Let him almost limp to the ground.
But Lin Guangyao almost fell to the ground with a pair of eyeballs.
He hated Lin Fan so much, and naturally he didn’t want to see that the New Bai Group flew into the sky.
“Young Master Leng, you… please persuade Mr. Leng! You can’t give this opportunity to the New Bai Group!” That’s it!
Lin Guangyao’s eyes flashed a bit of fierceness:
“Also, don’t forget, your grandfather Grandmaster Leng, and Miss He’s grandfather Grandmaster He, are coming soon!”
“They said, Call this Lin Fan a vegetable! How can your father cooperate with your grandfather’s enemy? ”
have to say!
Under the previous series of shocks, Leng Bufan almost had to forget about his grandfather. After Lin Guangyao’s reminder, he suddenly reacted.
At the moment he shouted to Leng Kang:
“Dad! You can’t do this!”
“Just now, Bai Yi’s husband, Lin Fan, humiliated my grandfather and grandfather He!”
“They are on their way now, and The two great masters have already spoken, they must turn this bastard into a vegetable! How can you cooperate with Grandpa’s enemy? ”
Leng Bufan’s roar instantly changed the expression of Leng Kang and other senior leaders in the flourishing age.
These people only arrived in Jiang City today, and they didn’t know about Leng Aotian and Helanshan.
Those two were not only great masters, but also cold-hearted elders.
If they really have a deep hatred with Lin Fan, then… it will be extremely tricky.
And at this moment!
Two rapid brakes resounded suddenly from the door of the building.
Then the two vicissitudes of frightened voice suddenly resounded from outside the door.
“Where’s that little beast of Lin Fan? Abolished my grandson, and dare to humiliate the old man and come out to die!”
“Lin Fan, you dare to hurt my granddaughter, and you are looking for death!”
These two voices contained true energy, suddenly resounding like rolling thunder, echoing endlessly throughout the hall.

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