Today, I Give Up Trying

Chapter: 651

He Sheng turned a deaf ear to his roar.
The baseball bat in his hand swung fiercely again.
The baseball bat once again issued a whistling wind, and hit the other leg of the viper.
There was another crisp sound, accompanied by a stern and terrible howling sound, resounding in the lobby.
Looking at the two broken legs of the poisonous snake, whether it was the fat man, the security guards and the welcoming guests, they all turned pale with fright, and their scalp exploded.
However, what frightened them had just begun.
After breaking the two legs of the Viper, Chairman He Sheng threw the baseball bat in his hand, and then quickly tidied his clothes.
With the middle-aged men in suits and shoes, they started walking towards Lin Fan and the others.
Until they came to Lin Fan and Bai Yi.   He swiftly brushed and bowed his body:
“He Sheng, on behalf of the Shengshi Group, all employees, greet the BOSS imperial guest Miss Bai Yi, come here!”
After hearing this sentence, all the voices in the entire lobby completely disappeared.
Even the poisonous snake couldn’t feel the pain of a broken leg, his eyes were wide and he looked forward.
For him, all this is almost like an illusion.
His brother-in-law, chairman, bowed to the beautiful woman in tribute?
how can that be.
“Oh my God, BOSS Emperor…Guest?” A welcoming guest was almost scared at the moment.
They naturally know that Shengshi Group has one of the most noble VIP cards, that is, the Emperor Skull Card, which is an exclusive card for Universal Group BOSS.
It’s just that, the owners of that kind of cards are all global giants.
And now…
Every security guard and welcoming guest had a tingling scalp, and hula la rushed up and stood behind the hotel executives such as He Sheng. Then they all bowed to Lin Fan and Bai Yi.
At this moment, the scene in the lobby was shocked to the extreme.
There were dozens of figures, all bowing to Bai Yi and the others, the shocking scene made everyone feel like a dream.
At this moment, the most shocking was Shen Yuzhi’s family.
Zhang Kaiming swallowed fiercely, and looked at the densely in front of the figure, bowing to himself and others, he said to Zhu Ru:
“Old…wife, you pinch me, am I dreaming?”
Hearing this, Zhu Ru also swallowed and spit, and then severely pinched Zhang Kaiming.
When the painful sensation caused Zhang Kaiming to excite, he was completely scared to pee.
“Really! My God, the cousin Bai Yi is really an imperial member of the Shengshi Hotel, and these big guys are really bowing to us? This…this is incredible!”
Suddenly, Zhang Kaiming In his heart, ecstasy, excitement, and excitement to the extreme.
On the side, the three members of Shen Yuzhi, Zhu Zhide, and Zhu Ru’s family looked at Bai Yi and Lin Fan, and their gazes were extremely complicated.

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