Today, I Give Up Trying

Chapter: 685

Grandpa Bai solemnly shook his head, and said worriedly:
“Unfortunately, time is too rushed. We only prepared a million worth of calligraphy and painting “Treading Snow and Looking for Plum Blossoms”!”
“I don’t know if it can be possible. Into that gangster’s discernment?” He said.
Everyone’s eyes couldn’t help but look at the calligraphy and painting in the hands of a housekeeper next to them.
This calligraphy and painting is the most valuable one of their Bai family. It is called “Treading Snow and Looking for Plums”. In order to get a relationship with that big brother, the Bai family can be said to be bleeding.
And hearing this, the surrounding Bai family leaders couldn’t help but worry.
after all!
But they let all the tycoons of Yunhai, a horror figure to send together, one million calligraphy and painting, I am afraid that they will not be able to enter the eyes of the other party.
At this moment, watching everyone worry.
Next to Bai Yan, is smiled and said:
“! Grandpa, this time even if we do not take the great man and the relationship, all right.”
“After all, uncle clouds trip this time, not only to achieve brothers and Cai Guofu In order to establish a cooperative relationship, they even let the Baiyi couple return empty-handed, giving the New Bai Group a heavy blow! It is enough! ”
Hearing Bai Yan’s words, everyone around couldn’t help but think carefully, it was indeed the case.
After all, for the Bai family right now, strangling Bai Yi’s new Bai’s group in the cradle is the most important thing.
Thought of this.
Smiles once again appeared on the faces of the Bai family members.
“Hahaha, it’s a good thing to make a couple, I didn’t expect that the third family will have today!”
Erye Shirakawa’s face still has a strong look of resentment.
Obviously, for his previous arrest, all the blame was completely attributed to Lin Fan and others.
“Yeah, if we have a relationship with this big man again, then the new Bai family is just an ant in our eyes!”
“Yes! And that little beast of Lin Fan! I’ve long seen him unpleasant. Now! This time, it is really exciting, that Lin Fan was taught a good lesson and interrupted this guy’s dog legs!”
“Hahaha… From now on, I am afraid that Lin Fan will become a lame! Lame! Son-in-law? Hahaha…”
Many senior Bai family members all talked and laughed.
They seemed to have seen the tragic scene of the Xinbai Group being strangled and Lin Fan’s leg broken.
But at this moment.
Another car came slowly.
After seeing the person who got off the car, the eyes of everyone in the Bai family suddenly flashed a trace of hostility.
The person here is the Baishan couple.

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