Today, I Give Up Trying

Chapter: 695

one meter!
Half a meter!

Wu Xuepeng got closer and closer to Bai Yi, and the lustful color on his face grew thicker.
In his eyes, if Bai Yi is such a beautiful woman, if she wipes the oil, it will definitely be endless aftertaste.
Bai Yi was taken aback by this scene, especially Wu Xuepeng’s evil look on his face, which made Bai Yi backtracked in fright.
It’s just that she is fast, but Wu Xuepeng’s speed is indeed faster.
Almost in the blink of an eye, the salted pig’s hand came to Bai Yi and grabbed Bai Yi’s straight chest.
It was just when the evil smile on Wu Xuepeng’s face was at its peak!
A big hand, as if traveling through space, suddenly protruded from the side.
He grabbed one of his salty pig hands.
It is Lin Fan!
Wu Xuepeng was taken aback, especially after he saw that this bastard had prevented his good deeds, he was furious:
“Boy, let go of your special code, let me go!” As he said, Wu Xuepeng struggled hard.
It’s just a pity that Lin Fan’s big hand is like a pair of iron tongs, grabbing his wrist tightly, no matter how he twitches, he can’t draw a point.
“Hey! What are you doing in a daze! Come on, catch this bastard!”
Wu Xuepeng yelled at the group of security guards around.
However, just when his words fell!
An icy voice suddenly resounded from his ears.
“You like wiping oil? Then I need your hand!”
Wu Xuepeng was stunned for a moment, but before he could understand what Lin Fan’s words meant.
But suddenly felt a surging power, surging from Lin Fan’s big hand.
His arm, under this powerful force, is almost as rotten wood, vulnerable to a blow!
There was a broken sound, and the atmosphere in the whole hall instantly solidified.
The surrounding Bai Yi, the Bai family, and the security guards were shocked to see that Wu Xuepeng’s arm was suddenly broken, completely deformed, and drooped.
Wu Xuepeng only felt a terrible pain, swept from his arm, and he suddenly howled with pain!
“I… my hand, kid you actually broke my hand! Ahhhhhhh!”
Wu Xuepeng clutched his arm and retreated frantically.
On his face, there was this deep horror and astonishment.
Not only him!
The people next to him were all taken aback.
so cruel !” Bai Hai and the others almost fell out of their eyes. It was the first time they saw such a fierce scene.
Especially Lin Fan’s calm look, coupled with the harsh methods just now, fell in everyone’s eyes, like a devil, and it was chilling.

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