Today, I Give Up Trying

Chapter: 697

This scene fell in Wu Xuepeng’s eyes, and immediately shocked him.
Especially after seeing this chaotic scene, he quickly trot up and said to Zheng Tian and the others:
“Mr. Zheng, you are finally here! Please bosses for me!”
“That kid, before the threat Come to take over our Blue Ocean Building! Even when I made trouble here, I asked him to be kicked out. This guy turned out to be brutal and broke my arm!”
“Mr. Zheng, please be fair to me!”
Wu Xuepeng vilified first. He immediately identified Lin Fan as a bastard who came to make trouble.
However, what made him stunned was.
Zheng Tian and the others didn’t seem to hear his words at all, and they hurried towards Lin Fan’s direction.
“Haha…this kid is miserable! The second in command in the headquarters is here!”
“Yeah, this kid hit and deceived people, this time let’s see how he ends up!”
After seeing this scene at this moment , The smiles on the faces of many Bai family members became more intense.
They seemed to see that Lin Fan’s end would be even more miserable.
And the other side!
After Bai Yi saw this scene, her whole body trembled a little.
“Lin Fan, what do we do now?” Dense cold sweat dripped from Bai Yi’s forehead.
After all, in her opinion, everything today is because of herself and others.
If you don’t threaten to take over the Blue Ocean, then these things won’t happen at all.
In particular, Bai Yi felt his scalp numb when he saw Zheng Tian’s group getting closer and closer to him.
Just after Zheng Tian and a group of high-level officials came in front of the two.
Everyone’s heart all mentioned their throats.
Under the incredible gazes of everyone, Zheng Tian and others bowed to Bai Yi:
“Zheng Tian, ​​have seen the chairman!”
“Li Ming, have seen the chairman!”
“… “A series of deafening sounds came from Zheng Tian and others’ mouths.
Only this sentence fell.
In the entire hall, it seemed as if the mute switch was turned on, and instantly fell into deathly silence.
Whether it’s Wu Xuepeng, Bai’s family, or even Bai Yi, there is nothing in his head at this moment, and it just feels like he’s dazzled.
Bai Yi! ?
This… how is this so possible!
When the reaction came over, the entire hall was completely exploded.
Especially those Bai family members, as if they had seen a ghost, kept exclaiming.
“What happened? Why did these people bow to Bai Yi?”
“Yeah! Isn’t their chairman Cai Guofu? How to become Bai Yi!”
“Impossible, how could Bai Yi be the owner of the Blue Ocean Building!”

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