Today, I Give Up Trying

Chapter: 701

And a word, made the anger of uncle Bai Hai’s heart more and more surge.
Suddenly a few mouthfuls of scarlet blood spurted out of his mouth.
See this scene.
Bai Yi: “…”
Bai’s family: “…”
Zheng Tian: “…”
Everyone was speechless. They couldn’t imagine how cheap this fellow Lin Fan was. Not only did he make a profit for the Bai family. Fifty million, even Bai Hai was so angry that he vomited blood again and again.
This guy is simply a devil.
It’s more than that!
Lin Fan turned his gaze and looked straight at Wu Xuepeng.   Huh
… With just one look, Wu Xuepeng only felt his scalp numb, and the feeling was as if he was stared at by a hungry wolf, making him cold all over.
“You are fired!”
This sentence fell in Wu Xuepeng’s ears, making his face pale as paper.
It’s over, are you over?
Wu Xuepeng’s heart was filled with the thought that he was about to lose this high-ranking position, the huge salary, and the boundless resentment.
His red eyes, staring stubbornly Lin Fan shouted:
“Boy, I advise you not to take it back to the command to fire me, we all is well otherwise, I now call the police, tell you shot hurt!!!”
Said Then, Wu Xuepeng pointed to his broken arm.
Call the police!
After hearing Wu Xuepeng’s words, the Bai family members who had blown their lungs before suddenly brightened their eyes.
That’s right, Lin Fan made a tough shot.
They broke Wu Xuepeng’s arm directly, then they could call the police and ask the police to arrest him for intentional injury.
Thinking of this, the uncle Bai Hai and the others, with their faces full of ecstasy, said to Wu Xuepeng: “Mr. Wu, yes, you should call the police now.”
“This kid has completely constituted a deliberate injury. As long as the police arrive, he will be arrested immediately!” At this moment, everyone in the Bai family seemed to see hope again, and they reminded Wu Xuepeng.
This is more than that.
“Mr. Wu, since he fire you, then you do not need to stay here! As long as you call and let the police catch this bastard, then we open the door for you Pak Group, are always welcome!”
Grandpa White Sea this one Then, Wu Xuepeng’s eyes lit up.
A thick hideous color appeared on his face:
After speaking, Wu Xuepeng stared at Lin Fan and smiled abnormally:
“Boy, did you hear that? I’ll call now. , And, I absolutely do not accept reconciliation, then you will wait to go to jail! Hahaha…”
Not only him!
Bai Hai and others beside him were also very excited and laughed at Lin Fan.
Bai Yi brushed her pretty face, pale as paper.

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