Today, I Give Up Trying

Chapter: 719

Soon, night gradually fell.
Today, it has become a carnival night for all young talents in Jiang City.
One after another sports cars headed towards the Caesar Hotel.
As the largest hotel in Jiang City, the extraordinary dinner was held here.
In the parking lot.
A Mercedes-Benz car stopped, the door opened, and Lin Fan and Bai Yi walked off.
Tonight, Bai Yi wore a black evening gown, as elegant as an elf in the dark, especially her white skin was as delicate as suet.
Coupled with that beautiful face, she suddenly became the focus of the entire parking lot.
And the opposite.
Lin Fan beside Bai Yi is in the same casual outfit as before.
It looks a little worn out, and it can only be considered clean.
These two people walked together, very uncoordinated.
A beautiful girl.
An ordinary ordinary.
No matter how you look at it, it looks like a flower stuck in the cow dung.
It’s just that Bai Yi didn’t care about all this, she was completely used to Lin Fan’s clothes.
In Bai Yi’s eyes, his husband’s clothes were more handsome than anyone else.
The two walked towards the Caesar Hotel, arm in arm.
Only when the two had just walked out of the parking lot.
Suddenly a cynical voice, he called out:
“This is not our shout river city’s most famous son waste it but how is it the young River City Junjie gathering today, how What the hell are inside with ah!???”
This discourse , Showing hostility and sarcasm.
It fell in Bai Yi and Lin Fan’s ears, making their brows frowned, and they suddenly heard who it was.
The two turned their heads and looked, and suddenly saw a limping young man with a woman with heavy make-up walking towards this place.
He is the monitor of Bai Yi-Lin Guangyao.
have to say.
Lin Guangyao’s vitality is almost the same as Xiaoqiang who can’t beat him.
In the Shengshi Club, his legs were broken, Li Zhenghui’s birthday banquet was brutally beaten in the face, and Lin Fan’s cheek was twitched by Lin Fan.
But now, he still appeared in front of Lin Fan alive and well.
“Tsk! Bai Yi, you’re really getting alive and going back! This kind of waste, you don’t have to divorce him, even if you dare to bring it to the dinner of Master Leng Bufan, are you not afraid Master Leng Bufan blames it?” Lin Guangyao said to Bai Yi playfully.
Just heard this.
Bai Yi frowned, and a trace of anger flashed in her   beautiful eyes : “Lin Fan is my husband, where I am going, he will go naturally!”
“No need to worry about the monitor!”
This sentence immediately suffocated Lin Guangyao. His face flushed.
After all, he had pursued Bai Yi for many years, and now he saw that Bai Yi actually defended Lin Fan in this way, and his jealousy became more and more turbulent.

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