Today, I Give Up Trying

Chapter : 73

“It’s all you stinky lady, I asked you to arrange the second sister’s family at the door, and didn’t let you give them the broken tables and chairs, and the leftovers!”
“It’s all right now, how are you…”
Shen Jian was so angry. Like a cow, panting.
And the second aunt covered her face and didn’t dare say:
“I…I don’t know that Baishan knows Mr. Lin…”
Broken tables and chairs, leftovers!
These are indeed her ideas, in order to severely humiliate the Bai Yi family.
It’s just that she couldn’t think of it, so she lifted a rock and hit her own foot.
Just for them!
Liu Zhen and others didn’t care, and didn’t even glance at it.
“Mr. Baishan, we have an unrelenting request, and I hope you can fulfill it!” Liu Zhen said respectfully to Baishan.
Hearing this, Bai Shan quickly said:
“Chairman Liu, please tell me, I’m just a small man, I don’t know what can help you?”
“That’s it!” Liu Zhen glanced at the big guys behind him. Then he said:
“We want to have dinner with Mr. Baishan’s family. Is it convenient?”
Liu Zhen’s words made everyone around him feel more shocked.
have dinner together?
OMG, so many big guys!
“Fang…convenient! Convenient! Chairman Liu, please sit down!” Bai Shan was a little incoherent in fright.
He only felt that he was hit by the goddess of luck, making him dreamlike until now.
“Okay! Then we’re welcome!”
Liu Zhen and others counted the joy on their faces.
Then, Zhou Wanshan hurriedly ordered the waiter at Caesars Hotel to bring in tables and chairs neatly again.
Liu Zhen and others all took their seats.
In this scene, Liu Zhen and many other bigwigs, like stars holding the moon, surrounded the Baishan family in the main seat.
And the other big brothers are sitting with them.
Everyone chatted while tasting the expensive meal delivered by Caesars Hotel.
From time to time, Liu Zhen and others would hear happy laughter.
And around!
At the tables of the rest of the Shen family and all the guests on the first floor, everyone no longer had any appetite.
Everyone looked in the direction of Bai Yi’s family with envy.
From time to time, they swallowed their saliva, inadvertently, revealing a deep envy.
And Shen Taigong slowly eased down and stood up again from the ground.
However, when he just stood up, he raised his palm and slapped his old face severely.
The sound is clear and loud.
“Dad, what are you…” Shen Jian and others were scared to pee.
They suspected that their Lao Tzu was crazy, and slapped themselves on how he came up.
“Fuzzy, it’s all my old stuff, the dog looks down on people!”
Shen Taigong’s expression was extremely complicated.
At this moment, he almost regretted his intestines.
If he had known his son-in-law and knew such a big man, how could he humiliate them and would not humiliate Lin Fan.
And now…
Taigong Shen knew that he had no face at all now, and he used to talk to Liu Zhen and others.
At this time, time passed a little bit.
The direction of Bai Yi and the others was filled with joy and laughter.
Both Liu Zhen and Ma Yong, the richest man, toasted Baishan.
But Baishan was full of spirits and had almost reached the pinnacle of his life.
A full hour.
The Shen family and all the guests next to him also suffered for an hour.
Until they see.
Baishan and the others, ate and drank enough, after Liu Zhen and the others left the restaurant.
All the guests rushed out from the restaurant in an instant.
They surrounded the Baishan family one after another, some were pleased to leave their business cards, some were courteous to give gifts, and some invited to eat another day…
When everyone left, only the Shen family was left facing the empty first floor with all their faces. Remorse.

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