Today, I Give Up Trying

Chapter: 737

At this moment, the three of Bai Yifan, Shen Jian, and Lin Guangyao couldn’t help but glance at each other. They only felt a chill, and went straight to their foreheads along the soles of their feet, causing their scalps to almost burst.
After all, what they always thought was a waste, but it was as powerful as a punch, which completely subverted their perception.
Just now.
Lin Fan didn’t care about the horror of everyone around him.
He casually shook the blood stained on his palm, then looked at Leng Bufan, and smiled sensibly:
“Now, can I speak well?”
Hearing this.
Leng Bufan’s body trembled slightly, and his complexion became more and more ugly:
“Boy, you…you are cruel!”
“Let’s talk, what if that ruby ​​diamond ring is on your wife? What if it is not on your wife?”
Leng Bufan naturally believed in Zhou Nan’s ability to do things, and he could also be sure that the ring was definitely on Bai Yi’s body.
And now.
He wants to dig a hole for Lin Fan!
It’s just that Lin Fan didn’t seem to see Leng Bufan’s intentions, and smiled slightly:
“If it is on my wife, I will punish you!”
“If it is on your girlfriend, then she must kneel and apologize to my wife! ”
Leng Bufan was startled. He obviously didn’t expect Lin Fan to be so confident, or to say… arrogant!
Let it be punished?
Thinking that when the ring was found from Bai Yi, he could dispose of Lin Fan and Bai Yi at will, Leng Bufan suddenly became extremely excited:
“Okay! It’s a deal! Everyone around is a testimony!”
Seeing Leng Bufan’s agreement, all the Jiangshi talents around also expressed their approval and witnessed.
Until it’s arranged.
The bet is established.
Zhou Nan’s mouth almost crooked with a smile.
She looked at Bai Yi and Lin Fan, as if looking at two fools, full of sarcasm and ridicule:
“Hahaha… Bai Yi, have you seen it? Your husband is really an idiot! I can be 100% sure , That ruby ​​diamond ring is on your body!”
“Your husband is determined to lose! After he loses, let’s see how we can deal with him! Hahaha…”
Zhou Nan’s laughter was filled with delight.
She has been jealous of Bai Yi since she went to school.
And now.
As soon as Bai Yi appeared, she seemed to be ecstatic, attracting her boyfriend Leng Bufan, which made Zhou Nan hate Bai Yi even more.
Now, if Lin Fan can be dealt with ruthlessly, it would be regarded as a kind of painful torture for Bai Yi, which is naturally something Zhou Nan likes to hear.
And now after hearing Zhou Nan’s stern words.
The people around were naturally not stupid, they faintly guessed what was going on.
In their eyes.
Zhou Nan is so confident, obviously he is 100% sure, that is to say, Lin Fan will lose!

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