Today, I Give Up Trying

Chapter: 743

It’s just that his sentence fell.
The whole box was completely exploded.
Arrogant! Arrogant!
Everyone around, whether it was Bai Yifan and the others, or those Jiangshi wise men, could not believe their ears.
Everyone stared at Lin Fan as if they were looking at a madman. How could they not think that this guy was so bold and dare to say that Leng Bufan wanted to die?
This…I’m afraid I’m tired and crooked!
Even Leng Bufan was completely dumbfounded.
He is the son of the president of Shengshi Group!
Also the grandson of Great Master Leng Aotian.
Not to mention the small place in Jiang City, even in Jiangnan City, no one would dare to talk to him like that.
And now…
“Little… kid, you dare to scold me! Okay… you’re fine!” Leng Bufan flushed, completely annoyed into anger:
“If this is the case, then I will treat you as agreeing!
” The five evil spirits of Lingnan! You take action together and interrupt this kid’s limbs to me! Now! Immediately! Immediately!” There was a kind of madness in Leng Bufan’s voice.
Obviously, at this moment, he wanted to tear Lin Fan alive.
And hear this!
The five evil spirits of Lingnan next to each other suddenly stood up:
“Yes! Master!”
After saying this, the five people turned their eyes and locked Lin Fan at all.
On the bodies of the five people, a horrible aura rolled out, like five tigers, giving people a terrifying aura of fear and trembling.
In the entire box, a cold wind seemed to blow, causing everyone around Lingling to shiver, and their faces were full of shock.
Only Lin Fan.
His jet-black hair floated slightly in the cold wind.
However, the smile at the corner of his mouth became more and more gloomy:
“Five evil?”
“No! Five reptiles, nothing more!”
Five reptiles!
At this moment, after hearing Lin Fan’s words, the atmosphere in the box was quiet again, and everyone around was completely confused.
They originally thought that facing the terrifying aura of the Lingnan Five Fiends, Lin Fan would definitely panic, fear and uneasy.
But how could he not think that this guy was so aggressive and arrogant.
court death!
This is angering the five evil spirits of Lingnan, so his fate will be even more miserable.
After Lin Fan’s words fell, the aura of Lingnan Five Fiends became more and more turbulent.
The terrifying coercion of the Five Dao quasi-masters, like a rolling wave, drowned Lin Fan in front.
“Good! Very good! Our six evil spirits in Lingnan have disappeared for ten years. It seems that the juniors nowadays have long put us in their eyes!” The two evil spirits licked their dry lips, his eyes splashed. Bloodthirsty luster:
“In that case, then your head, I want it!”
In the words of the two murderers, the murderousness appeared.

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