Today, I Give Up Trying

Chapter: 745

“Damn, this kid is too fast, be careful!” An exclamation resounded.
With a flash of the five figures, they wanted to violently retreat to the surroundings.
Just at this moment.
A terrifying voice resounded in the ears of the six evil spirits:
“You want my left leg?”
As soon as this word came out, it fell in the ears of the six evil spirits, and his eyes suddenly became round. He only felt a chill on his back, as if a devil appeared behind him.
Liu Xiu let out a scream of horror in his mouth.
But as the screams resounded, everyone around was surprised to find that Lin Fan did not know when, appeared behind Liu Xiu, one of his whip legs was thrown out!
Smashed fiercely on the left leg of the six fierce!
The crisp sound of bone fragmentation burst out. Everyone couldn’t believe it. Under Lin Fan’s whip leg, the left leg of the six evil spirits broke instantly like a rotten wood.
He seemed to have been hit by a train, and he was swept and kicked out.
Six evil spirits were kicked into the air for several meters before they fell to the ground like a dead dog.
His left leg was completely deformed, and the white bone spurs completely pierced the skin and clothes of his left leg and revealed it.
The bloody horror above made everyone around him take a breath.

Sixth ! No…impossible!” “Sixth brother!!!”
The four evil spirits of Lingnan next to him were completely confused at this moment.
They looked at the six evil spirits who had completely passed out from the pain, each of them felt as if they were falling into the ice cellar, and they were extremely cold.
More than them!
The most shocking was Leng Bufan and others.
One… one trick?
Leng Bufan and the others couldn’t believe it in their dreams. Before the five evil spirits in Lingnan could react, they were solved by Lin Fan with one move.
What a…how could it be possible.
At this moment, Leng Bufan had a strong bad feeling in his heart. He felt that he had really kicked an iron plate, provoking a terrible existence that could not be provoked.
However, what frightened him had just begun.
After the six evil spirits were kicked and broken by Lin Fan’s left leg, the whole person kicked into a coma.
Lin Fan’s eyes rolled, and he locked onto the other four evil spirits in Lingnan:
“Next, it’s up to you!”
As soon as these words came out, the four evil spirits of Lingnan next to him were shocked to death.
Especially when they saw that Lin Fan’s figure flashed and disappeared again, immediately scaring the courage of these four wicked men!
“Be careful, this guy is here again!”
The cold sweat on the forehead of the two evil men rushed down.
The four of them immediately wanted to back to back to guard against Lin Fan.
It’s just that Lin Fan’s figure appeared in front of them like a ghost.
“You… want my right leg?” The words fell!
Lin Fan once again faced the Five Fiends with one leg and swept out.

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