Today, I Give Up Trying

Chapter: 752

Looking at these big bosses one after another, the hearts of everyone in the box were jumping faster and faster.
Any big boss can shake the existence of Jiangshi.
And now, everything came together.
“Oh my God! Many big guys ! It seems that Young Master Leng Bufan’s face is too great!” “Yes, these big guys have obviously been to the hotel long ago, just to meet Leng Young! This time that Lin Fan He Bai Yi is miserable!”
“…” The surrounding guests talked a lot, looking at Lin Fan and Bai Yi from time to time, and they were full of playfulness and pity.
Especially when the last figure walked into the box.
The whole box was completely exploded.
“That’s Zhang Guohao No. 1! Oh my God, he… why did he come too!”
” Damn! Leng Shao’s network looks more terrifying than we thought, and even No. 1 appeared!”
“… …”
At this moment, with the appearance of No. 1 Zhang Guohao, the whole box was completely boiling.
All the top bosses in Jiang City were present.
This terrible lineup made everyone in the box feel numb at a glance.
And the opposite.
Leng Bufan and Zhou Nan were ecstatic to the extreme after seeing so many big guys coming.
“Mr. Zhang! You are here just right! There is a murderer here. He not only interrupted the hands and feet of my six men, but also abolished me! Ask Mr. Zhang to be fair for me!
Leng Bufan is the first to say to Zhang Guohao.
After all, Among these big bosses, Zhang Guohao’s status is absolutely the highest.
However, the scene of Leng Bufan’s astonishment appeared.
After listening to Leng Bufan’s words, Zhang Guohao didn’t say a word.
Especially when he looked at Leng Bufan’s eyes, there was no enthusiasm, no compassion, but a deep contempt and ridicule.
This… After seeing Zhang Guohao not uttering a word, Leng Bufan was slightly startled, and said to Blood Rose and Xu Tianlong quickly:
“Blood Rose! Xu Tianlong! Both of you are from Shengshi Group!”
“Now, I was hurt, and you have to take revenge for me! Revenge!” There was resentment and ferociousness in the cold voice.
But something that made him even more daunting happened.
There were hundreds of people who came in, but no one answered him.
At this moment, the atmosphere in the box is extremely strange.
It was densely packed with people standing.
But there is no word!
No one said.
Everyone’s eyes just looked at Leng Bufan indifferently, as if they were looking at a stranger.
After discovering that something was wrong, the surrounding Bai Yifan and others, as well as all the guests, had a bad feeling in their hearts.
They originally thought that these big men came for Leng Bufan.
But it seems that it is not so!

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