Today, I Give Up Trying

Chapter: 766

“What? Afraid? Hahaha…”
He Jiaojiao’s arrogant laughter came out again when he saw Bai Yi’s father and daughter’s pale complexion,
“Huh! Didn’t you just break her leg? I told you You, my grandpa loves me the most, even if I killed someone, what can you do with me?”
“Also, my grandpa will arrive in Jiang City in two days to fight the bloody Buddha! I persuade you, Don’t provoke me! Otherwise, you won’t be able to eat, just go around!”
Arrogance to the extreme.
In a word, the expressions of Bai Yi and Baishan’s father and daughter almost dripped gloomy.
They clenched their fists tightly, even if they were furious, but at the moment they didn’t dare to refute He Jiaojiao.
After all, what the other party said is true.
However, the cold light in Lin Fan’s eyes became more and more stern:
“Do you think your grandfather can protect you?”
When He Jiaojiao heard this, her pretty face changed slightly, and then she glanced at Lin Fan up and down, then sneered:
“Cut! Where are you from the turtle? I’m afraid it’s you, even me. I haven’t heard of Grandpa’s name, right?” In a word, a trace of killing intent flashed across Lin Fan’s eyes.
And just when he just wanted to say something.
Bai Yi next to him, grabbed him, and did not let go:
“Lin…Lin Fan, I beg you, don’t… stop it!”
A trace of tears flickered in Bai Yi’s beautiful eyes. In her beautiful eyes, there was a strong sense of pleading.
Bai Yi clung to Lin Fan’s arm tightly, her tearful pretty face swaying constantly.
she knows.
Lin Fan had already abolished Leng Aotian’s grandson, and had forged a feud with Leng Aotian.
Bai Yi didn’t want Lin Fan to provoke Helan Mountain again.
Once the two great masters are offended, then Lin Fan will have no life.
Seeing Bai Yi’s begging look, Lin Fan’s mouth twitched slightly, and he could only forcefully suppress the killing intent in his heart.
“Cut! What? Are you scared too?”
He Jiaojiao saw this scene, and the smile on her face became more intense.
As if in her eyes.
Lin Fan’s family is a group of countryboys who have never seen the world, making her contemptuously:
“Since you are afraid, then I will spare you temporarily!”
“Humph! Old lady, you kind of inferior, just wait. Lame! This lady is going to find the famous genius doctor Lin, looking for a way to beautify her face! Hahaha…” He Jiaojiao laughed at Shen Yumei again.
After speaking.
She took the little white face and walked towards the hospital.
Doctor Lin?
Hearing this, Lin Fan’s eyes flashed, and he said coldly,
“I can guarantee that you can’t walk out of the hospital!”
“When you come out again, you must have exactly the same injuries as my mother!”

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